cashmere mafia
6:56 PM
Thursday, August 30, 2007
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"Still in love" {eng}
Brian Mcknight

With 'Sex and the City' gone, my inspirations for flirty, feminine, fashionable clothing from tv dramas has plummeted quite drastically. But I am saved by the 'Cashmere Mafia' which will be airing in America on the 27th of November (and hopefully in Australia real soon after!!). ^.^

"Their names are Mia, Juliet, Caitlin and Zoe. But you'll come to know them as the Cashmere Mafia - four Manhattan women bonded by their Ivy League educations and executive success. A thinking woman's Sex and The City mixed with the wit of The Devil Wears Prada, this one-hour drama assembles a cast of bright, driven, relatable women who support each other through rocky marriages, rival colleagues, kids' recitals and the hunt for the perfect loft.

Ambition always comes with a price. Consistently outpacing their male colleagues and husbands in salary and title, they also have to watch out for scheming bitches eager to bring them down. Fortunately, there's strength in numbers. These successful executives regularly bring their problems to the lunch table and use each other's strengths and resources to avert disaster, both personally and professionally. With style, smarts and appeal, the Cashmere Mafia is about to bring sexy back to the boardroom!

[how hot is that skirt of Lucy Liu's?? I want it so much!! =p]

From Producer Darren Star (Sex And The City) and Writer Kevin Wade (Working Girl) comes a compelling, intimate and unflinching look at an ensemble of high-powered women whose most valuable assets are their friendship and their willingness to have it all -- without giving an inch. Starring Emmy® nominee Lucy Liu (Ally McBeal, Charlie's Angels), Golden Globe nominee Frances O'Connor, SAG Award Winner Miranda Otto (The Lord of the Rings triology), and Bonnie Somerville (NYPD Blue, Kitchen Confidential)."

Eek!! *Squeals!!* Cashmere Mafia is definetly going to be the brainchild of Sex and the City!! You're going to find me eating popcorn and bars of chocolate everytime this show airs on tv...or perhaps running frantically on my treadmill to have bodies like theirs. . . hahaha!! I'm so pumped for this series!! Are you?? Ooh, I do hope I have got you anticipating Cashmere Mafia.

p.s: I would of loved to put this review into my own words but being lazy right after an exam ...=p kekeke. Excuses, excuses, excuses - tsk tsk tsk. lol. But being so excited, I had to share the news with you beautiful people before I dash off on a date with Matt Damon (coughcoughthebourneultimatumcoughcough). ^.~

cotton candy = l♥ve

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6:59 PM
Monday, August 27, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Trouble sleeping" {eng}
Corrine Bailey Rae

Catching the train at 6:15am on Saturday 25th turned out to be quite a frightening experience, especially when there were only three daggy-looking men at the station and 2 loud sleazy looking men on the train carriage of mine. I've learnt not to judge a book by its cover but my paranoia gets the best of me at times. (This is one of the main reasons why you won't see me clubbing late at night ... as well as partly due to the reasons that I have a 7pm curfew and clubs start at 10-11pm...=P ). My heart had raced as though it was pumping for dear life but, no cold sweat - I had placed a mask of calmness upon my face. But I guess paranoia is a good thing for it kept my mind and body alert although at times, my eyelids felt like boulders upon my eyeballs. Lol! Please excuse my horrible expression that was. (o'.'o) lol.

So where was I planning to go at this hour and why did I have to wake up at 5:15am in the morning when it was still pitch black outside, you ask? To travel to Narrabeen and do my assessment. lol. That is, an excursion to Narrabeen (which is aproximately 1.5 hours away from where I live) with half of the students from my uni course (the other half went on Sunday) and to study the environment and do our assessment task simultaneously. LOL. Sounds riveting doesn't it?? =P However, since it was my first time going to Narrabeen, I found the trip quite interesting and exciting at the same time - filled with happy moments and some whinging here and there. ^^

Met up with friends at Central Station and we were told to take a bus to Narrabeen shops and then walk upto the beach (aprox. 480m) and we got lost. Thank goodness for Faaiza and Lauren who had bought maps and to the bus drivers who were so helpful. Eventually we found our way just in time, after the many twists and turns and panting from the long walk... the panting was me. lol. I am so unfit that it is ridiculous! eek. ><" And I found myself facing a beautiful oceanic view and for the first time in weeks, the sky was bright blue and the sun was out. ^^ It was beautiful.

With papers and pens in hand, we treaded slowly off to the rock pools to do our assignment. lol. Couldn't we just have had a splendid time by enjoying the view and basking ourselves under the sunlight (and checking any cute surfers?? ^.~) instead of writing, reading and thinking?? Dearest me. Wishful thinking that was. But it didn't turn out be so bad although Faaiza rated the day 1/10 and so did many of the other people. Lol. I would rate it 6/10. I'm very generous. =p kekeke...No, really, when you see the photos I have posted up, I hope you'll see why I liked the excursion. ^^

Things began to look more interesting when we went to the rock pools where we tried to find a method of going across the pools and study sea creatures without sliding down a rock, tripping and falling with flapping arms or drench our feet into invisble puddles. Lol! What fun you would have had if you came!! Next time, I'll take you guys with me, yehs?? =p So there we were, hopping about whilst squealing (even the boys ^.~ like Keith...kekeke) studying marine rock platform organisms such as Dicathais, Chamaesipho, Tetraclyta Rosea, Morula and lol, I see you are going blank. kekeke...Don't worry, so was I. ^^

[edit = if you cannot read the captions on the polaroids, please click on them to enlarge the polaroid to help you read. This entry, I realised is more like a photo blog. =D ]

Now, you would never find me living in the countryside because I just love the hustle and bustle of the city (did I mention the shopping??) but really, it was just so nice to take a break from city life and enjoy the nature although I'm not daring enough to enjoy nature's sea slug unlike Billy . . .

eek... Those slugs are so ugly. lol. But apparently, really smooth to touch. Regardless, we soon found ourselves studying the stratigraphy of the cliffs and sitting under the gentle sprinkle of rain for a few minutes. We were then issued laptops by our course instructors to write our assessment in groups!! Omgosh, you should have seen us!! Groups of students scattered across the beach with laptops in their hands. I would have taken a picture of this funny sight if it wasn't for my laptop as well. We were typing away frantically so that we could leave early but lol, we found ourselves staying later than timetabled. hahaha!! Nerds are cool! ^.~

Before we finished, Billy decided to cool off by diving into the ocean pool and taking a swim - in his clothes!! I so regret not taking a photo of him at that instant. I must have been too shocked. It would have been the perfect shot! ><" What a freak he was. hahahaha!! Omgosh, he took a few laps and then for the rest of the time, he was shivering. Gosh. ><" At least he didn't catch a cold, thank goodness. lol.

[edit #2- not my laptop. the instructor's laptop. lol, sadly, i don't have a laptop]

And with that, the excursion ended with Jenny #2 (I know too many Jenny's so I decided to call her Jenny #2 since this is the second Jenny that I've talked about in this post) offering Faaiza, Marie, Rahima and I a ride home. Jenny who I had just met on the excursion is the nicest lady you can ever meet. Meanwhile, a big shoutout to Keith who I had just met as well on the excursion - he is like the male version of Danmei - he is hilarious , if only I had a humour like him. He cracks me up.

Anyway, so I rode home in Jenny #2's manual where I grooved to greek music whilst Marie had translated the lyrics to me. ^^

cotton candy = l♥ve

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a fine frenzy
11:31 PM
Thursday, August 23, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"手紙" - letter {jpop}

Every morning I wake up to the sound of a sexy male's voice telling me to greet the tired, weary, forgetful (and rainy) world - a voice who happens to belong to John Mayer. However, alas, i find his voice in the morning as wretched and unfortunately, not the slightest romantic at all. =.=” so i, with my gorgeous ever-sweet lips (^.~) filled with drool opens wide to murmur "be quiet" to the melodious (but far too loud) John... But he never listens. So every morning i resort to knocking him off his feet so that he will truly really remain silent...for another 5 minutes...and another 5 minutes...and another 5 minutes... so i may dream a little bit more, away in a faraway land of brightly coloured candies and lollies, for the thoughts that come out of the great silence are so very sweet - especially when raindrops dance outside your window.

But one's young dream is always vexed and blighted by the murmurous spell of reality that lurks in every nook and corner...

Panic would sweep across the noiseless tenor of the bedroom as Time would mercilessly persecute my struggling body which had already been pulled against all efforts by my unforgiving mind to sit up and face the dark, grey clouds which hang silently outside my window. And i wonder where has summer gone with its gentle rays of warmth.

Rush hour begins: turn on channel 7, look at weather for the day, decide what to wear whilst brushing my teeth, wash face, change clothes after painful moments of deciding, rummaging and objects falling here and there, pack my bag trying to remember what i need to save the day, quickly brush my knots and clumps away, frantically gobble down my breakfast and barge into the shoe cupboard, say my farewell speech to two adults and one child, and finally, scramble out the front door and onto the streets under the cold whipping breeze, trying to look like a sophisticated princess but clearly, failing to do so as i run for the train that would puff away into the city. By this time, the sky has turned grey-blue with a few gentle, grey fluffy clouds sailing slowly above my head.

And so, the day begins... often with a raindrop falling onto the tip of my nose... =P

cotton candy = l♥ve

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shining on
9:55 PM
Tuesday, August 21, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"slow down" {eng}
bobby valentino

Mango mousse cake. . .
Tastes just like mango pudding - my favourite. ^^
Guess who just turned nineteen on Monday 20th August? ^^

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11:21 PM
Sunday, August 19, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"거짓말" - lies {kpop}
big bang

It's a Sunday night and what's a better way to spend a Sunday night than to plop down comfortably onto the couch and watch and squeal over cult chick-flicks such as the classic: Clueless. Remember Alicia Silverstone who played Cher, a gorgeous young blonde who had everything her way including an electronic, revolving wardrobe and a fashion coordinator packed into a computer? With the click of a mouse, inspiration would arise and the perfect outfit for the day would be picked out and worn without dressing and undressing; zipping and unzipping; pulling, tugging and flinging until the wardrobe was clean of clothes.

Oh how I wish I was Cher, that is, with an updated wardrobe...

I remember first watching this movie when I was around 9-10 years old and being fascinated by the style of the clothes. The little pleats. The intense colour. The knee high socks. The cropped tops. The chiffon shirts. Everything.

Urgh...I remember I used to love as in LOVE this black and white outfit when I was real young and my gosh, what was I thinking?

The Dr. Seuss hat with the great black bow and red rose. So funky but I would never wear it unless I was going to a costume party. But Dionne (aka Stacey Dash ) pulls it off real well, don't you think?

This outfit of Cher I just adore.

I might just wear something similar to Cher's outfit excluding the knee-high socks to uni tomorrow... =P

And of course, how could I forget this guy?? He was my primary school crush. Lol. ^.~

Of course, we now may think, was Cher and her friends "fashion forward or ensembly challenged?" Lol. But then again, we're viewing from hindsight. Nevertheless, I love it. I love the outifts. The creations .The art. Meanwhile, perhaps you, like me, is "screaming for a makeover" and perhaps Alicia Silvertone aka Cher is our "only hope". Unfortunately, I do not have the luxury to ring up Alicia Silverstone or the fashion coordinator/designer of Clueless for fashion advice. ><" *sobs* lol.

So instead, like every girl, I opt for the fashion gospel: magazines galore and my own somewhat-developing heart + intuition + experience. . . Some quick tips on how to buy and wear clothes for the clueless: Unlike Cher, everybody has gaps in their wardrobe. Eek. According to ??, a wardrobe that can provide a suitable outfit 95% of the time is a must for women or men of any age. Thus with credits to ??, I decided to copy and paste (=p) :

The basics to (reinforce) how to build a wardrobe for the fashion clueless:

  1. Create a budget based on an assessment of what you need and what you would be comfortable spending.

  2. Assess your needs. As you go about your daily and weekly routine, keep a list of the stiatuions you frequently find yourself dressing for. As you find yourself in these settings, make mental notes of how other around you are dressing and you will begin to get an idea of the level of formality required for the many situations in your life. Based on this, you can flesh out a very rough list of what type of completed outfits that you require everyday.

  3. Think about your personal style. Don't be afraid to buy fashionable items if you really like them, but don't just buy them because everyone else is. Get a feel for your own style!!

  4. Go shopping and keep your eyes open. Devote some time when you will not be tired and can be out as long as you like. Don't pressure yourself to buy. If you see something that you do not need but absolutely love, don't buy it right away. Wait overnight or two days to think about it and then you can go back and get it. Or try to develop an informed gut instinct and trust it.

  5. Ask for help and advice from staff. An objective eye can help determine if something really does fit right of if you just wish it did. But be careful of persuasive language.

  6. Keep in mind how the peices you buy will fit in with the rest of you wardrobe. Create many outfits from a few basic pieces with interchangeable items. Try to maintain an even balance of neutrals and colours

  7. Accessorise lightly.

  8. Don't forget the shoes!! A pair of shoes will define your outfit.

  9. Have fun and try new things!

And Cher will be pleased. ^^

But it's easier said than done right? I mean, I still have a pair of blue and white trunks, a fluro pink cropped jacket and a blue body-length dress that I've never worn deeply hidden in the corner of my closet. . . =.="

Lol. Oh dearest me.


And off-topic, I am very pleased with R.Kelly's and Usher's latest single - 'Same Girl' which I just found out they released aprox 1 month ago. Eek. How could I not have known? Regardless, I'm so happy because Usher hasn't released anything for the past 2 years and now - yaye!! You must check out the mv. It is so a non-cute way...(o'.'o) Can't explain it properly because I don't want to spoil the mv for you...^.~

Whilst you watch, "I'm outie!" =p

cotton candy = l♥ve

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dizzy up the girl
8:24 PM
Thursday, August 16, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
가벼운 사랑 - light love {kpop}
fly to the sky (ft. 현무 & TKO of trespass)

Cold. Weak. Coughs. Headaches. Sniffles. Cracked lips. Tired. These are the symptoms of a horrible flu that I am experiencing currently and have been for the past 2 days. As you can see above in my photo, I am nearly dead, feeling blue and horrid. I'm sorry if I'm whinging...please blame it on my weak body + mind in addition to the copious amount of stress I am undergoing at the moment due to uni and its work. yes? lol. xD Unlike me, I hope you guys are all healthy, safe and warm. ^^

lol =P

I am utterly exhausted.

It all started out on Tuesday night when my youngest sister of 7 years old had a high fever. Panicking and paranoid was my mother til the point that she was extremely stressed and exhausted. And I had witnessed and wondered about the similar moments what my mum must have undertaken when I was sick and too young to care for myself. As I just recently learnt from my lecture about human development last week, babies and infants with high fevers are at the most risk of gaining damage to their brain development. So that night, I had decided to share my bed with my youngest sister in order to take care of her during the night and allow my mum and dad to get some sleep as well as to prevent myself from running/moving from room to room in the cold night to ensure my sister was feeling well. How lazy I am!! (o'.'o)

And the meaning of half-wake-half-asleep really got to me as I kept on waking up every 2 hours to check whether my sister had a fever, whether she was covered by the doonas or whether I had unconciously kicked/pushed her to the side of the bed during my small hours of sleeping. xP What a long night it was, especially when I woke up at 4:00am to find her with a high fever once more. This tiime I had panicked and had ran across the hallway to my parents bedroom to wake up my mum. So much for letting my mum rest ayes?? But all was good. I must have inherited my dose of paranoia from my mum. With clever thinking, medicine and warm water was brought to my sister whilst I kept applying and re-applying a cold egg to my sister's forehead, ignoring my headache and eyebags that had begun to form.

Everyone soon feel asleep once more after the sudden panic and all was quiet until 7:00am when a moment of panic and fatigue swept across the house as I had woken up 30 minutes late to get to uni.

And that morning, uni had looked especially bleak, with the ducks still and silent ( still sleeping??) whilst the trees looked so bare, naked and old without their bright, green leaves.

Things began to look bleaker (is there such word??) as I had realised the sore throat that I had woken up with was not something psychological but really, a true sore throat that I had gotten from my sister after one night. And from that sore throat, my immune system plummetted downhill leaving me with a horrible flu that I have now...

Therefore, if you know what's good for you, don't ever sleep with an ill person and don't come near me. hahaha! That is the moral, dearest sweetie-pies. =P

But nevermind, the flu will go away and before you know it, life will become pretty again, blossoming into something beautiful. Right? ^^

Meanwhile, don't forget to smile and stay warm.
Lots of love from me to you. ^^

And in the meantime, I'm going to hit the bed. Good night darlings!! =D

cotton candy = l♥ve

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guns and roses
2:43 PM
Monday, August 13, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
can we chill {eng}

imagine: 4 handsome, young and single gorgeous guys living in a mansion with you(one single girl). This girl (ie. you) is rejected by your first love after him calling you "ugly." You swore never to see the living daylights again and hides in her own dark dark world. You shun all forms of beauty, both in yourself as well as life. Your aunt desperately wants to make you into a lady and offers 4 handsome guys free rent in her mansion if they can turn this beast (you) into a beauty...but you, a fashion-hopeless girl, would rather live like a hermit and watch your favourite horror movies than undergo a makeover. your "Best friends" are anatomical models and skulls. your room is full of pikcled things in jars and gory pictures of murders, you're antisocial and you have a habit of getting a spurting nosebleed whenever pretty people are around you...

[ the tome reader]

...i shall stop wondering into the realms of my imagination...These 4 handsome young guys i mentioned previously belong to the manga "the wallflower" (aka perfect girl evolution aka yamato nadeshiko) and let me tell you --> I.M.ADDICTED! :D hahaha! it is a must read if you're a manga freak or if you love romantic comedies like me!! hahaha! it's awesome. you can watch the anime version on youtube (altho the anime isn't as great as the manga itself ....><" ) and aaah, my friend who introduced me to this manga told me that there were a lot of japanese 'hosts' (i wonder how she knows huh?? *raised eyebrow* kekeke ^^) who look alike to these four gorgeous characters!! *gasp* kekeke

(the 4th guy 'kyohei' is my favourite character in this manga!! xD)


hosts you ask? ever heard of host clubs? :P in case you havn't heard of host clubs and the fact that you didn't know such a thing existed - host clubs are venues where rich elder women go to be "entertained" by attentive and charming young men. and these women must be mega mega SUPER RICH because one night will cost a woman thousands of dollars!! LOL, trust me to know ayes? kekeke ^.~ i wonder how much a handsome young host gets paid having to give his unstinted devotion to one old woman...or to me. hahahaha (o'.'o)

so instead of wondering into the realms of my imagination ,i decided to step back into reality and become a pervert. xD hehehe. i decided to look up japanese host clubs and search for possible candidates if i ever do really become an old SUPER-RICH woman wishing for more to life, ie. a little adventure. hahahah!! no really, i was curious to see how gorgeous these hosts were and i was left surprised, drooling and disappointed ^.~

ooh..=D [haruki kishida - he's rated no.2 of club-acqua!! doesn't he look like kyohei??! hahaha!! ^^]

ewww!!..>< [iori yagami - he's rated no.5 of club acqua!! urgh]

[minami aikawahe's rated the no.1 host!!] eww!! but..he has nice features..=.=

kekeke...ooh...nice. [this is Enisi Aotuki and he weighs the same as me!! o.m.gosh (o'.'o) i feel horrible]

OOH...AAH..:D *nosebleed*

i like i like!! isn't he hot?? doesn't he remind you of kame (kamenashi kazuya) from kat-tun??hahaha [his name is makoto ..wat a hot name..xD but i hav no idea what he's rated as..><]

oh my ...dearest! (o'.'o) and there are so many more hosts to choose from and this is only one club out of so many others. aah...

eek. what am i thinking?? *perverted mind*

let me become a SUPER RICH old woman xD

cotton-candy = lo♥e

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