the girl with a leaf and pearls
9:22 PM
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
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"(Another Song) All Over Again" {eng}
Justin Timberlake

I've been neglecting my blog for awhile but I have a perfect excuse - I've been exhausted. Utterly exhausted from working nine hours each day for the past fortnight at the deli and lol, I just can't seem to stop smelling like a mixture of hams, bacons, prawns, cheese and everything in between. It's horrible. xD lol. And the most horrid thing is that I can't paint my fingernails in all different shades of colours and I must wear a cap - I look dreadful in caps. lol. Oh the vainity in me!! But there's an upside, I get paid, I'm losing weight from running and lugging things around, I feel a sense of efficiency and overall, I'm just happy. Happy, happy, happy. ^^ And the first thing I'm saving up for is a new digital camera for I feel so very lost without one and this blog absolutely cries for one...

...But it seems as though it's going to take me a long while before I finally have enough money to purchase a digi as I seem to be spending all my money on jewellery, jewellery and more jewellery. It's absolutely horrid of me to do so when I have boxes full of jewellery laying around my room with aplenty not worn for years, yes, years. For some strange reason, I always seem to justify every jewellery purchase and the following collection of hand-made jewellery created by Abigail A.Percy is something that I certainly could justify in buying (if I had the money):

Twist Ring with Pearl.

This is my absolute favourite. I've been looking for one just like this - simple with an air of elegance.

Autumn Leaf Pearl Necklace.

Leaf and Pearl Stud Earrings.

Mum's actually got a pair that's quite similar to this. Hmmm..perhaps I shall borrow it to wear for dinner on Friday night.

Pressed Leaf Necklace.

I'm not quite sure what attracted me to this necklace. I think it was the design of the gold leaf charm .... enhanced by the string of grey/blue crystals.

Hollyhock Earrings.

And so, whilst I wish away for this collection oozing-with-charm jewellery, I'm going off to catch the second episode of 'Cashmere Mafia' and wish away for the characters' wardrobes as well.

Lots of love, Cotton Candy.


bask in the african sunlight
10:00 PM
Monday, February 18, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"Far Longer Than Forever" {eng}
Jeffrey Osbourne & Regina Belle

Now, I have a friend who would often criticise my heavy-money-wasting on magazines when most of it's just advertising prints. Now, magazines aren't money wasting are they?? No, I think definetly not. lol. But then again, my friend is not slightly interested in fashion - yes, would you believe it? - but she's awesome nonetheless. Well, I absolutely love fashion advertisements and that's part of the joy in magazines. I love scrutinizing every angle shot, each model's pose/stance, the layout, the set and of course, the styling of the clothes and accessories. Oh, fashion advertisements can be so wonderful. ^^ And the newest advertisement campaign of Ports 1961 Spring/Summer 2008 collection is one of the most delightful with its inspiration coming from the beauty and style of Africa.

[^] I love the use of shadows in this photograph.

I first noted Ports 1961 whilst reading about their 'Organic Arts' Collection back in the October 2007 Issue of JESSICA. Their Organic Arts collection were pretty much comprised of accessories made from organic materials such as wood and cotton and my gosh, they were one of the most beautiful pieces I had seen. As you can see the photo above, the model is holding a wooden clutch - part of the Organic Arts collection - in her hands.

[^] I just adore this outfit - the whole outfit but unfortunately, to much of my dismay, I just can't imagine myself wearing this outfit at all unless I lose 30 kg and wear 10 inch heels to make my legs look slender and long. ><"

[^] There is something about this photograph - the bare landscape/background and the flow of the colours is just so lovely. The dress seems to blend in with the background and yet, there's this contrast to it where it stands out...gosh, I sound so contradicting , what am I thinking and how do I describe this feeling that I have of this photo?.... It's just a strong and beautiful photograph.

[^] It was the bright white of the outfit against the dark background that captured me. It just brings the outfit out and as I was staring at it, I noticed the splendor of the tree. Look at those carvings/work of nature (or digital tech) upon that tree.

[^] Isn't this outfit just so classic? Timeless? For some reason, I love her pose. It's got a flair to it.

[^] The capturing of the dress is terrific and such great use of lighting so that the dress just seems to glow and shine in such beautiful shades of gold! However, this photograph reminds me of another advertisement that I had seen before, I can't remember which brand it was but yeah, there's a familiarity to this photo and I don't think that's a good thing to have as it might seem copy-cat...

[^] Often, I find myself attracted to eccentric photographs but I found this set quite simple, natural and ultimately, exotic which is what I liked about this collection of photos.

I wanted to say so much about these sets of photos; what impressions they give me, the feelings but as you know, I'm terrible with words for I just don't seem to know how express myself unless it's via photos/images. So once again, I'm just going to let the photographs speak for themselves. ^^ Meanwhile, there's more to this set of photos so check out the site if you wish. They're beautiful captures.

Lots of love, Cotton Candy.

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11:35 AM
Friday, February 15, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"You Got It Bad" {eng}

I do not know much about English history and forgive me for my lack of ignorance of the plenty kings (I, II, III and more) or the many queens or the many who's who...If I could, no, should I say if I had the motivation, I would search up the facts and absorb myself into the past centuries of the English beyond my knowledge...But, yes there always seem to be a 'but', I just don't seem to find it fascinating enough...

However, there is one aspect of English history that always seem to intrigue me and hence, the fascination and motivation to search up every minute detail about it. That is, the fashion. The excess and the extravagance. And that is exactly what I witnessed when I watched the post-modern movie: 'Orlando' based on Virgina Woolf's novel.
The film is based upon a nobleman Orlando under the reign of Elizabeth I in the 15th century and weirdly enough, he remains forever young (as he had decided to), metamorphoses into a woman and moves from one century to another. And yes, I was quite bewildered. It has been a year since I studied literature and whilst watching the film, I felt the longing to learn about the film, to understand, to hold a bit of knowledge about the symbols, illusions, metaphors and what not. And I wonder whether I should take up on English literature again despite the essays that I dread but this is beside the point...

As I watched the movie, I became quite creeped out by Tilda Swinton who plays the character Orlando. Why! Her eyes were so deep with hollowness, it sent chills down my spine especially when she would swiftly and oh-so-suddenly look directly into the camera. Oh, the shivers! Sounds exaggerated perhaps but I had spent yesterday night trying to forget the image of those two empty saucers.

I knew not much of what was going on nor did I understand the different meanings but I was compelled to continue watching the movie for I was allured by the exquisite costumes of the different times...

LATE 1500 - 1600: DEATH

If there ever was to be Halloween here in Australia or if I was to move to America and celebrate it there, this is the costume I would choose!!

In case you're wondering, yes, the queen is played by the remarkable Quentin Crisp. And oh the English opulence is quite wonderful! ^^

In this age, bodices were either high-necked or had a broad, low, square neckline with a slight arch at the front. The bodices were stiffened into a cone sharpe or worn over corsets in which it was then fastened with hooks in front or were laced a the side-back seam. And the bodice ended in a V-shape at the front waist. [WIKI]

And good greif, that's just one layer. There was the underwear, the petticoat, the hoop/farthingale, the safeguardes and sometimes hooded cloaks. Did I mention the accessories such as the heavy necklaces, many rings, earrings, the headgears and gloves and etc etc etc. I think I would of suffocated in such a galore.

But such love for the extravagance.

1610: LOVE

[^] Wearing black; in mourning.

After reading 'Gone with the Wind', I wonder how long mourning had to go for, especially for a woman who had just lost her husband. What was deemed as a respectable amount of time for a woman to mourn before she could go to events, to gossip, to re-marry (if wanted) or otherwise be deemed as "too fast"?

1650: POETRY

[^] My sister screamed that the outfit above was so me and yes, I absolutely love it!! For men, the sleeves could be slashed, unslashed or divided into two parts and buttoned together. And oh gosh, do I love those sleeves and that huge bow tied around his neck.

It seems that pointed bears and wide mustaches were fashionable in that tme and goodness, I wonder what they were thinking. (><") It looks quite horrible I think. And what are those white puffs extruding out from his armpits - are they to mop up his sweat from reciting poetry aloud ??? (o'.'o)


My sister who is currently studying this film told me that the men wore much more elaborate outfits than the women to show that they were the superior of the genders. Though I dearly love the costumes, I do think the men look ridiculous with such long hair...

Meanwhile, wigs made in many different styles were essential for the men of substance. Different wigs were worn according to the occasion and the age group. Wigs were often white and for the long natural hair, it was often powdered to achieve the fashionable look. [WIKI]


[^] One morning, Orlando awoke to find himself metamorphosed into a woman. Unfortunately he lost all his property, money as well as honour and alas, found himself restricted - socially and physically. When I mean physically, I meant by the hoop-skirts. Wide panniers, that is, skirts held out at the side, were worn by the women. In addition to the confining style, the image of a narrow inverted conical corseted torso were enforced by the extra tight stays/corsets worn above the skirts. Good gosh, now I fully understand why Keira Knightley nearly fainted in 'Pirates of the Carribean' and I don't even have the faintest idea of what time that movie was meant to be set in.

[^] I love the colour. The pastels. So lovely and sweet - reminds me of sweet candy.

[^v] Throughout the period, the men had their hair grown long. The hair was powdered white, curled at the sides, brushed back from the forehead and tied back at the nape of the neck with a black ribbon. I wonder why no other coloured ribbons were worn...but I guess black suits everything ... and would definetly stand out from the powdered white hair. [WIKI]

Good gosh. Now I can truly imagine the width of such a dress! It must of been so uncomfortable to sit in! But as they all say something along the lines, one must sacrifice for fashion/fashion is painful.

1850: SEX

[^] Unlike the previous century with the ever-so-massive hairstyles for women, hairstyles in the 1850s became more simple. Hair was often tied in a bun or wound braid at the back. Meanwhile, flounces were used to make the skirts appear fuller.

[v] The sack coat (loosely fitted and reaching to mid-thigh) as an informal daywear was worn by men. Matching coat, waistcoat and trousers (as seen below) marked the beginning of the modern business suit. [WIKI]

I didn't want to end the post with '1850:Sex' but the film ends up in the PRESENT DAY: BIRTH and I'm pretty sure both you and I know what the fashion of the present is ....... ^^ And oh, I'm pretty sure I've got something mixed up and terribly confused and if so, do correct me.

So perhaps, I will end this post with:


and a,


Lots of love, Cotton Candy

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who's the lucky girl?
10:23 AM
Wednesday, February 6, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"비행기 - Airplane" {kpop}

Okay, it's Chinese New Year's Eve today and hence, the big celebration - think red and loud! =D So to celebrate the festivity, I'm going to do something great and amazingly lovely to end the year with. And that is to award 8 favourite blogees of mine (8 = luck & fortune in chinese ^^) with the YOU MAKE MY DAY AWARD because these blogs absolutely make my day everyday!!

  1. The Clothes Horse who just makes me want to scream "Become my stylist! Or give me your wardrobe!"
  2. Aisha for being Aisha and there's no better reason than that.
  3. Gilda who is uber-funkelicious, eccentric and just fun loving!
  4. Jennifer who stalks every celebrity and rummages through his/her wardrobe and then tells me all about it to every minute detail.
  5. Romeika who has a name that I would love to call my future-daughter one day and who just makes me feel at home everytime I read her blog
  6. Meg for sharing her priceless findings with me.
  7. Shaz for making me feel better about my constant fashion-disasters when I see the celebs look horrible in such expensive clothes
  8. Tru for making a wallflower like me feel much more whimsical and cheery whenever I read her posts.

And I would of loved to have chosen WendyB for her gorgeous figure and for her making me whoop with laughter but I know that's she already been awarded. ^^ In addition, I must give a big thank you to Key and Indi who had awarded this award to me. Lots of love. XOXO.

Meanwhile, something even quite as exciting is a wedding to go to and so I did a few days back. Oh gosh, I would of loved to share with you what I wore to the wedding but with my camera broken and now my mp3 with its built in camera broken, I am crying...But at least my mp3 wasn't broken during the wedding so yayes, there's photos to come. Why didn't I take a photo of my outfit then?? Baka... And my, did I have a huge headache back at that time for I had no idea what to wear. It had been so long since I went to a wedding unlike my childhood where there seemed to be a wedding every 3 months. I wished for cold cold cold weather and love, I think God loves me so for it was dreadful cold that day and quite misty. Forgive me for being selfish and forgetting all about the bride and groom's wishes but I wanted to wear my gold up-to-my-knees-dress with puffed-up sleeves and beautiful gold and black accessories to match and gosh, a golden girl - sounds weird, I know. HAHAHAH!! xD And I think I would of been glowing even more if there had been a gorgeous guy to meet at the wedding. HAHAHAH!! Oh gosh. Silly me. =p

And as I'm about to dash off to meet my friends at the city for lunch, I'm just going to let the photos talk. Afterall, a picture speaks a 1000 words right? ^^

By the way,


Lots of love, Cotton Candy.

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