Hats off to Jaycow
6:11 AM
Sunday, January 20, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"A world to believe in" {eng/jap}
Celine Dion & Yuna Ito

I'm sitting in my room tapping away on the keyboard at 6:00am on a Sunday morning, listening to birds sqawking, singing and croaking ever so loudly. Yes, croaking like frogs. Are there such birds that make such horrible and strange sounds?? (o'.'o) LOL. Well, you'll probably be thinking that I had been woken up by the mating birds but I've been awake since 5:30am. It's insomnia. I think it's insomnia. As I mentioned in my last post, I haven't been able to sleep until 2:00am in the morning and I've been waking at around 6:00am...It's been a nightmare, especially since I've been going out and about the whole week...(-_-)" Luckily I have no eyebags. ^^ I'll give you a very useful beauty tip that you will never ever want any other girl to know - it's a secret between you and me. ^.~ A long, long time ago I had watched a TVB chinese series (I can't remember which series it was) and somewhere in between the plotline, a female character had said that by cupping a teaspoon over your eye for 2 minutes per day will decrease your eyebags. Well, I'm gullible and I believed her character and my goodness, it works wonders. Omgosh, 5 minutes has just passed and I just saw two birds fly away from beneath my bedroom window. And the sqawking, singing and croaking has stopped. Omgosh, a thought just crept into my mind - Were they having sex outside in the garden, right beneath my window???!! (o'.'o)... Anyway...lol, back to the eye-teaspoon thing, I don't guarantee that it will work for everyone so you guys must remember to try it out and tell me whether it works for you like it works for me.

Meanwhile, in my sleepless state, I have an urge to dress Gwen Stefani and her Harajuku Girls with lots and lots of different hats. I also want to dress myself in lots and lots of hats too - all designed and made by Jaycow who has designed hats for the the likes of many famous chinese singers such as Vivian Chow, Candy Lo, Eason Chan, S.H.E and Fiona Sit.

Clockwise: Fiona Sit, Candy Lo & Eason Chan.

L-R: Lillian Ho, Vivian Chow, S.H.E & Stefanie Sun.

Originally as a stylist, Jaycow had decided to drop everything she had in Hong Kong and to study millinery at the London College of Fashion whilst learning from the royal milliner Rose Corey.

"As a hat lover, Jaycow has always had a thing for finding beautiful hats. From a nice fitting newsboy cap to a hand blocked fedora, she beams with joy whenever she finds a gem...Jaycow's hats are not for people who have bad hair days. They are for hat lovers who have wit, humor, and a joie de vivre."

[^v] The mannequins are a quite frightening-looking but you've got to admit that the hats are eccentric and cool! =D

And to top it off, I'm going to try to get at least an hour of sleep before I go out in the afternoon...God forbid me from tossing and turning...><"

Lots of Love, Cotton Candy.

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(i've) gone with the dresses
1:40 AM
Monday, January 14, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"All that I got (The Make Up Song)" {eng}

I've been reading 'Gone with the Wind' for the past two days. Do you remember the love story that follows a ravishing Southern beauty who pines away for a married man, and of a roguish young ebony-haired man who is determined to capture her heart and mind ? Or perhaps the remarkable 4 hour long epic movie that has captivated the hearts of many? I remember watching it as a child and being disappointed that there were no other shows on and that there were no commercials in between the uber-long movie and hence, I had fallen asleep. But now, 12years later (I think), I am itching to watch the epic movie for I want to see the luminous Vivien Leigh (as Scarlett) and handsome Clark Gable (as Rhett) kiss and for Gable to say in his manly voice the very (in)famous line, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn." And I want to know whether I'll sob until my heart can be no longer mended when they separate at the final end. Do I sound strange? My mother says she's seen it 15 times and everytime, she cries as though there is no tommorow. I have never spilt a tear over a movie let alone a book. Don't I sound very cold and awful? But it's true, I never have and I do want to experience it for it sounds romantic to do so! ^.~ HAHAHAHA!! What a shallow, idiotic fool I am. (o'.'o) Regardless, my days are long and I do truly wish to watch this movie.

Well, it's 1:42am in the morning. Having tossed and turned, I think I'm having insomnia. I had decided to drink milk, thinking that it would make me more sleepy - as all movies and books tell me but what they never tell you is whether you should drink hot or cold milk. Well I've just drank cold milk which has made me more awake than ever. Shoots, should of drank warm milk instead. Am I stupid or what? Okay...I prefer that you don't answer that question, come to think of it. lol. xD And with that, I am now blogging away after finishing reading page 118 out of the 1011 pages that make up the book 'Gone with the Wind.' Not being able to withstand my curiosity for the ending, I had decided to read up on Wiki the spoiler to the story. So in the end, the plenty of refusals I had made to prevent mum from raving on about the storyline was a waste...lol! xD Um...I like to be spoiled? (Omgosh, that was such a horrible, and utterly lame joke @_@)...

Well I seem to be going around in circles with my words (like I usually do)...(o'.'o)?? As I had previously mentioned, I really want to the watch this Hollywood classic for the story as well as to see the difference between the book and the movie. And of course, to see the impressive cinematic techniques amongst the wonderful scenery and the phenomenal (somewhat historically incorrect at times) costumes that will surely take my breath away and make my heart skip just as it had done when I discovered these stunningly beautiful photos on google images. And I must warn you, these photos may lag your internet speed but it's worth the wait and look. ^^

[^] This photo is printed on the cover of my novel. It's such a wonderful backdrop don't you think? It reminds me of the house in 'The Great Gatsby.'

[^v] Oh! This is the part where I am upto - the day of the barbeque. I'm pretty sure this is the dress that she wears. The green afternoon dress in which she wears to confess to another woman's fiance about her love to him.

[^] I've always wanted a huge library in my own house and hopefully one day I will. Do you remember the library in the Disney animation 'Beauty and the Beast'? Oh, wouldn't that be lovely. But of course I won't be able to afford that dream. Perhaps the one above in the photo? Oh love.

Did you know that Vivien Leigh's boobs are very small supposedly? I read somewhere that the directors did not notice this during the screening nor did they think about this matter until they realised that the character Scarlett should have an air of seductiveness to her and hence, the breasts that should practically pop out. As a result, they had to push Vivien's breasts in and up as much as possible with a lot of adheisve tape til the point where Vivien couldn't nearly breathe and of course, til they got the right size and shape of a "heaving cleavage."

Oh! I've found the article. Here it is: click. It's so interesting to read.

[^] Such a magnificient white house with superb interior designs and fittings.

[^v] All my friends know this - if I could, I would make every man wear a suit everyday. Such broad shoulders and such an immaculate, admirable look. Oh! *faints in delight* ^.~

[^v] Aren't these two photos (above and below) just haunting? Why, by the looks of these two , I could believe that it was a frightening, scary movie. The breadth and scope of this movie amazes me so and I've still yet to watch it!! LOL. I must find the dvd.

[^v] The most famous dress out of the movie and I must agree. Isn't Vivien stunning? The epitome of attractiveness, splendor, elegance and glamour.

[^] I absolutely love what Clark Gable is wearing here. *slaps forehead and smiles ever so pervertedly* ^.~ He's so handsome here!!!

[^] So picturesque, no? Looking at this, did you know that there were 5500 costumes made just for this film??

[^v] These two pictures are one of my favourites. They're absolutely gorgeous.

And with that, I'm going to dream about floating and twirling in an array of dazzling puffy dresses whilst wishing I had a 17-19 inch waist like that of Vivien Leigh.

Lots of love, Cotton Candy.

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a walk on harajuku bridge
7:13 PM
Thursday, January 10, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"Sorry" {cpop}
Khalil Fong

Whilst youtubing on fashion in Japan, I came upon a video about gothic lolitas and a fascinating man named Mana who exemplifies the trend. I've always been intrigued by the way men and women, girls and boys would present themselves via visual kei, cosplay or lolitas. And gothic lolitas - the constant juxtaposition of black and white; the pretty bows, ribbons and lace; the dark make-up; the tailoring and the stream-lining of the costumes, the headdresses, parasols and handbags that may sometimes adorn the look; the hairstyles (or wigs) and oh, the blending of the present trends with influences from different periods of European history.
And for a simple 411 on lolitas (and Nana Kitade is so cute! ^^ and so is the host =P):

I don't like to use the word 'gawking' but I must because I absolutely love gawking at the gothic lolitas. And Mana.

I had no idea who Mana was until yesterday and thought he was a freak when he didn't speak in his interviews and whispered the answers to someone who would do the talking (don't hate me Mana fans). But now, I'm intrigued and I bet you'll be too. According to wiki, Mana is a famous jrock musician who blends clasical music with heavy metal, gothic rock, industrial music and unlikely elements such as french pop music. (o'.'o) And the most intriguing thing about him is that he has rarely intentionaly smiled or spoken in public. "In his filmed interviews, he whispers into the ear of a band member or confidante, who then relates his words back to the interview. he has also been known to simply look at the camera as subtitles appear as well as using yes/no cards. According to him, this is because he considers his music to be his voice."

Mana above and....

more mana here.

and yes, Mana's a male.

And yes, trust me, google him up and you'll find so many fascinating photos of him all dressed up in different outfits and in so many different hairstyles of all different shades. And oh, plenty of different shades of lipsticks. =D

I personally don't like his genre of music (and don't think I will ever) but I do like looking at his outfits and fashion designs although it's not my personal style either but heck, it's fascinating. Other than being a singer, Mana is also a famous fashion designer as well as being the figurehead of the Gothic Lolita fashion movement in which he helped popularise it. He created two popular lines of clothing called 'Elegant Gothic Lolita' and 'Elegant Gothic Aristocrat' under his label Moi-même-Moitié (as worn by Mana in the photos above) which has become the epicentre of Japan's gothic lolita fashion scene. The style of Elegant Gothic Aristocrat centers on the concept of androgyny and often has identical outfits for both men and women. The main image is founded on elegance and simplicity. Elegant Gothic Lolita differs from EGA in that it's strictly dresses, combining Goth fashion with Lolita fashion.

And perhaps, maybe one day on a Sunday afternoon, I'll walk down Harajuku Bridge in something designed by Mana such as this...or maybe this...and that as well...

^ that's a headdress by the way

^ I would so love this purse. I would probably use this with everything

...And I think I will . ^^

Lots of love, Cotton Candy.

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