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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
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I love to flip through magazines and to see the different advertisements for well-known extravagant brands - the colourful spreads of food, perfume, people, the streets and of course fashion all under a particular brand name. DKNY, Louis Vuitton, Bathing Ape, Hysteric Glamour, Dior, Burberry, MaxMara, Marcs, Elizabeth Arden, Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Mad Cortes, Hugo Boss and the list goes on. And I just love to see the advertisements - the photographs that sell brands.

In each and every photograph (aka printed advertisement) , I always admire the models; the clothes, the accessories and the design/layout of the photograph. And I always seem to be attracted, allured and I always wish I could have been behind the scenes during the photoshoot. . .

And one wishful thinking was to have been behind the photoshoot for Shanghai Tang's 2007 Spring Collection. Shanghai Tang, a famous chinese fashion brand that I hugely adore, is fashion inspired by Chinese art and history. A few days ago, I came across Shanghai Tang's new ad campaign for Spring 2007 modeled by Liu Dan (I know I'm late in viewing it. . . ) and I had immediately fallen in love with it , so easily and quickly...

And you will see why...

Please click on each photo for an enlarged version for you will truly see the amazing photography (and they make great wallpapers!!) ^-^

At the moment, I have a thing for loose, billowy tops like the green one above. It's such a nice, calm green don't you think?

I want that trench on the left... and the top and shorts on the right as well. lol. =p

The two photos (above and below) remind me of those instances where you just stand there feeling lost/troubled/ confused/sad and yet the world just seems to go on. Especially in movies, where the world will speed up and then slow down and then speed up again and you're just standing there, in the midst of the busy busy world...But in this instance, this girl just stands out because she's beautiful with beautiful clothes...aye....=p

On the rooftop of some building, looking out into the distance of Shanghai. It looks great. The foreground reminded me of some poor, ancient site whilst the background looked so modern in contrast. Regardless, I love the dress. It's gorgeous.

When I first saw this photo, I thought the background was of green bamboo sticks but then I realised it was a (terracotta??) house and I was like wow. And I just loved how the ad team/graphic designer made it look as though the model appeared on two sides of the house.

This type of building I have seen in many areas of Shanghai and it's just lovely. I love the feel that I get when I see architecture that I adore and am inspired by. Especially those with an ancient feel. . . The history behind it. It's amazing. I can imagine myself living in one these, perhaps a small flat inside, very cosy and at the same time very dark. But I will light it up and make the flat feel exquisite and exotic like the building itself. It would be great fun to decorate the interior of this building. I would love to do that. Oh!! =D *wishful thinking though...*

I just love this photo, the pink against the grey. The model against the satellite has such a huge effect on me and I'm not sure why. (o'.'o) It just looks . . . stunning.

Now do you see why? =]

And if only I knew who came up with the idea for the photoshoot and who the photographer was. . .

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please draw me pretty
6:39 PM
Sunday, October 28, 2007
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Ahhh... after three days of sleepless nights (once again ><") from trying to finish my 2000 word essay - finally, one week of holiday to study for my upcoming university exams (aka STUVAC)but lol, instead of studying like I should be, here I am blogging away. ^^ Yes indeed. I've been trying to catch up on sleep the whole day yesterday and I just had a four hour nap (yes, a nap =p) and yet, my eyes still seem to be pulsating quickly and I feel as though my eyes are going to explode any minute. It's horrid but that is not the point of this blog. lol!! xD I must say I have a good reason to blog. The reason is that I have been inspired by an amazing artist whom I would like to share with you all!! Perhaps you have heard of her or seen her artworks in advertisements, campaigns, clubs, cd covers or the gallery itself. Who is this she? Ahhh... let me introduce you to: STINA PERRSON!!

Stina Perrson, an illustrator based in Stockholm, has studied and worked in New York, Florence, Tokyo, Lund and in her own country, Sweden. An artist who works with ink, acrylics, watercolour, photographs, gouache and paper - her designs have been sought after and used by some of the biggest companies such as Harper's Bazzaar, Coca Cola, Sony Music, DKNY, Face Boutique, Vogue Nippon and American Eagle Outfitters just to name a few. And who wouldn't want to use her designs??

I, for one, would love to use her designs to adorn the walls of my house. If I could, I would give all my money to her and buy all her artworks!! =D With such an incredible portfolio, here are some of my favourites:


Isn't the above picture gorgeous? I think those birds are doves and this photo just gives me such a peaceful, accepting feeling... and I think of the concept of world peace; death and life; shadows and hope. . .

Photo Incorporated:

I was a bit disappointed that her portfolio does not incorporate a lot of photographs and I couldn't really point out one that I liked especially. So I just chose a piece that I thought looked the best which is the one above. I just really like the patch across the model's eye and how it drips down like a stream of tears or like blood . . . (o'.'o)

Cut Paper:

I saw this photo and the first thing that came to my mind was cocktails/mocktails. I think it's the blue flower and the yellow background. So cheerful, like a holiday in Hawaii on somewhere exotic with palm trees and little wooden huts.


I love this photo!! The blue eyeshadow, the pink lips, the dark black hair, the swan-like neck... Actually, I'm not really sure what I like about this photo. . . It just stands out and I loved it just like that, without any true reason. . .

The dress with the curls. This is one artwork I would love to display somewhere on my wall.

Acrylics and ink:

You know me. I can't seem to resist food, especially croissants. Mmm...

And so, Perrson definitely knows how to find "the right balance between the edgy and the elegant, the raw and the beautiful.” Don't you think?? ^^

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snow white in the woods [part ii]
11:54 PM
Tuesday, October 23, 2007
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And so...
They all had ran away, taking different paths.
Sabrina and her friends ran and ran until they reached a beautiful fairyland.

And there they stopped to eat to their tummies' content whilst laughing away at the lamest jokes one could possibly ever hear.
  • Quinn: What do you call a cup that's half full?
  • Susan: A cup that's half full?
  • Quinn: How did you know the answer??
  • Quinn: What do you call a crazy astronaut?
  • Us: ........
  • Quinn: A nut-stronaut!!
  • Faaiza: There was this man and he was lying down on his bed looking up. . . Then suddenly, he realized 'Where's my roof?'

Get it? hahahahaah!! Oh we were (are??) so sad. (o'.'o)

With our tummies full and satisfied, off we went to the sea sea sea!! And from there, pretending to be Rose and Jack from Titanic, we stood at the steps of the Opera House with our eyes closed tight, feeling the breeze rush past us that sent us shivers. But it seemed that the shivers were the cause of the wind but mother nature herself . . . And quickly we all ran into the Opera House in search of a bathroom. . .

And with that, they decided to head home. . .

The end.

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