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11:08 PM
Sunday, March 16, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"I Dare You To Move" {eng}

Yayes! One more week of uni until the Easter Break! Yahoooo!

I've been trying to organise my life and thus, the reason why this blog (and other blogs) have been on the end of my "important" list. It's horrible, I know and it's going to take me awhile before I can get this blog back to its 4th place after uni, work and social life...(which is still pretty much the end of the list....hahahah xD) lol. Doesn't sound much of a life does it? Urk, I'm sounding absolutely dreadful and good gosh, I really need to get this doom and gloom atmosphere out of my mind and heart!! And lol, here I am wondering how when I've got one to two assessments every week for the next ten weeks. Yes, assessments and to think I was pumped up for uni to start again...I was beyond my expectations. And lol, so yes, here I am thinking that the easter break will provide me with lots of chocolate to ease my depression and to increase my adrenalin.

Urk. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Let me start this post from scratch again. (o'.'o)

I've been really hyped up about Fashion Week in Japan and I do every year. ^^ Love, love, love. And with deepest regret, one thing that I didn't talk about last year was the 'Tokyo Girls Collection' and so I'm going to talk about it now. The Tokyo Girls Collection, held twice a year, is known as the fashion festival that features dozens and dozens of famous artists performing and glamorous models strutting down the uber-long (45metres to be exact - good gosh, is that longer than 'Victoria's Secret'?) LED catwalk in 'Japanese Real Clothes for the World.' When I (they) say real clothes, I (they) mean the fashion forward and affordable labels that can be bought now, as opposed to the fashion presented in Fashion Week, which is intended for retail the following season. The best thing is that it's truly like a fashion festival where it's quirky, fun and happy. The next best thing is that anyone can attend and view the fashion festival. You don't have to be the next Anna Wintour nor the poster girl or that to-die-for celebrity. You can just be you and oh, of course, you have to have the ¥3,000 entry fee/¥5,000 (aprox.) AU$30/AU$50seat in the stands or the ¥10,000 VIP (aprox. AU$100) seat right next to the stage. Now...since I missed the 6th tokyo girls collection on March 15th 2008 (as well as missing Chemistry's performance), could someone give me a plane ticket to Japan just in time for the next Tokyo Girls Collection festival, please please please please please?? ^^

So whilst I wait for this plane ticket of mine, I shall youtube and surf the internet for the collection til my heart's content... And I know I'll find street fashion parading on the catwalk - not necessarily my favourites but still absolutely wonderful...

[^v] titty&Co.。「Love」、「Gorgeous」、「music」 range debuted this year.
I really, really like the geometric print of the maxi dress below...well, I probably wouldn't like the print/pattern upon it if it wasn't for the colours. Those colours are my love. ^^

[vvv] Luv.Ronde also debuted this year and I was quite disappointed with the outfits, they weren't ... me? lol. xD However, the shoes that the models wore were awesome and ooh la la - tres magnifique!

[^] Okay, so I said I was quite disappointed with Luv.Ronde's outfits but this dress of theirs caught my breath. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I can visualise so many ways to wear this dress - I just love dresses that can be versatile and this is one of them.

[^v] I read somewhere that models threw away teddy bears to the crowd as they modelled down the catwalk. Why I couldn't have been there to catch one? And I wonder whether they threw away giant wine bottles to the crowd as well??

[^] Dress by Spiral Girl and modelled by one of my favourites: Jun Hasegawa.

[^v] This year's Blondy collection is soooo sweet & kawaii, don't you think??

[^] I've been looking for a white shirt-dress just like this one designed by Double Standard Clothing for it's Unusual Escape range!! I wonder how much this is... cheap enough for me to grab my hands on??? *dreams*... ^^

[^] Check out this amazing and may I add colourful dress by Double Standard Clothing. It is so cool!! If you look closely (click on it for a larger view), it's a collage of flowers printed upon the dress. Very, very cool.

[^v] Smork by Language.

I just wanted to show the picture below, not for the outfit, but for the hair. I want hair just like that with flowery things upon my hair. ^.~

[vvv] The next three photos are of lingerie by Ravijour and omgosh, all I can think of is Britney Spears in her devastating state when looking at the photo below. (o'.'o) The two other outfits are very powerful I think...

[^v] HbG. I would like a pair of those yellow overalls please... and can I have those pair of pink heels please?

[^v] Fabolous by Cecil McBEE

[^v] by Alba Rosa. I really really like the outfit above - a perfect outfit for catching up with girlfriends over coffee.

I hope my plane ticket to Japan will be coming soon...


Lots of love, Cotton Candy

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play!., i say
4:47 PM
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
Violin Concerto in D Major (orchestral)

Good grief, it's been a long time since I've posted and I seem to keep on on leaving this blog behind for a few days and then it leads to weeks and aah...Oh dear me. But I'm back. I'm back!! No longer M.I.A. Miss me? Kekeke. Of course you do! xD Uni has started once again for the year and having thought that I was ready for uni after a three month summer holiday, I cannot help but say I am so ready for the Easter break. lol. And yes, it's only the fourth day of uni. ><" Good gosh, I can't seem to help it. I'm so lazy and I totally had forgotten how mentally and physically straining uni can be. My calves are tense and burning at the moment after two hours of dance this afternoon. eek! So here I am, trying to sweeten up my already-stressful-uni-day with a two litre tub of vanilla ice cream. ^^ And oh, instead of studying (which I should be...), I'm squealing over the gorgeous japanese actor: Tamaki Hiroshi in the japanese drama Nodame Cantabile. And oh, it's a delightful story which focuses on classical music, the orchestra and, well, as they say... classical music helps you study...=p

And watching this series just makes me think back to a post that I had posted at the beginning of the year:

"Having been on hiatus from piano for a year, I am so lost and clueless as well as having a sniff of mortification upon the unretentive memory of mine. the composers (who?), the Italian/Latin words (what?), the art of composing (huh?), cadences (plagal, perfect, imperfect), scales (o.m.g), key signatures, rests, ornaments, inversions, syncopations and so forth (blah blah blah) are merely a short-sighted reminiscence. And here I am amazed that my fingers still know which keys to touch and where to run to as my eyes divert from one note to another hanging up on the five well-known script lines. However, my fingers are not as flexible and fast enough as once before. Meanwhile my heart beats rapidly as I am quickly reminded that 8th grade piano is hard; very much complicated and intricate. My fingers jump when directed to staccato, they firmly press when directed to fortissimo and lightly dance when directed to pianissimo but alas, not good enough. Yesterday, feeling excited and anxious at the prospect of resuming the last of my piano studies have now dropped to a more grounded, realistic and somewhat quivering approach. So much to remember, so much to learn - of course I should of known but I forget. My mind is lazy. My eyes (and mouth) are open wide at the sight of the complexity of the piano compostion titled Bagatellen Op.12 No.6 Capriccietto by Miklos Rozsa before me. My fingers are restless.

Dim the lights. Create the mood. Play piano, play."

Since my piano teacher passed away at the end of last year, I've stopped playing the piano. Perhaps I should resume my piano studies. Yes, perhaps I will. It's amazing what a tv drama can do to you. The media can be such a wonderful thing. And music is definitely such a wonderful thing.

It seems that this post is going to be quite a personal post.

The gorgeous Debbie nominated me for a Thinking Blogger Award which has surprised me because I never thought of my blog as... thoughtful but rather, a blog consisting more of spur-of-the-moment, whimsical rants about everything that inspires me...

1. What is the story behind the name of your blog and nickname?

Oh good gosh. lol. It may sound silly but I have loved the word 'whimsical' since I discovered such a word existed back in Year 9. The way the word rolls quite unevenly across the tip of your tongue, the way the word would always make me say it in a delightful exclaimation - it's quite strange isn't it? Yes, it seems that I always say things on a whim and every once in awhile, I would express an odd notion about a thing that delights me, something that tickles me with fancy then and there. Hence, the title: Whimsical Delights. Everything that I post about is something that I find utterly wonderful and something I hope would make my readers hear, read, look with joy and delight. Oh, my thoughts are everywhere! lol. And the most superficial thing of all is that, I guess, I just love the sound of it. Hahahah!!!

As for Cotton Candy - I think it's the epitome of festivals, celebrations and bright and happy colours, fun. And me, if I dare say so. ^^ HAHAHAHA!! I'd like to think that my posts has that wonderful, special and exciting flavour such as cotton candy in which it makes your tongue sparkle and tingle with joy.

2. What has been your worst and best blogging experience?

I don't think I truly have either at the moment... I just guess the reason why I started to blog was because I was inspired by the likes of other fascinating blogs and also because I wanted to share with others my personal experience, joy, woos and woes, loves and hates. And to be able to connect with various and very different people from all over the world via my posts and comments has been truly wonderful.

But I don't think I will achieve my best blogging experience until I feel as though I've given all my love to this blog, for I've been neglecting it and sometimes, I just haven't been too open to this blog which I would like to have. So I guess, that will be something for the next question...

3.What do you think/want to happen to your blog in 2008?

I want to be inspired and hope to inspire others.

I want to have others enjoy my whimsical delights.

And so enough about me for now. I want it to be about others. And I'm going to past this award to every blogger because they always have this wonderful flavour to their posts which inspires me to every little extent, broadens my knowledge, makes me laugh with joy and of course, think.

Lots of Love, Cotton Candy.

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