frivolous housewife
11:52 PM
Sunday, December 30, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Bleeding Love" {eng}
Leona Lewis

Omgosh, I just realised it's been six days since I've posted. Hahaha, how time goes by so quickly and can you believe it - Christmas has passed and a new year awaits!!! =D I'm so excited and I do hope that the new year will bring lots of joy to everyone! I want to thank everyone for their support and love to this blog this year! Thank you!! ^^ And hopefully there will be more suprises and whimsical delights to share in this blog. Meanwhile, I have so many new year resolutions that I would like to make...and keep ^.~ ...

  1. to be organised
  2. to be time-disciplined
  3. to exercise ... (at least once a week)...
  4. to lose weight
  5. earn and save lots of money
  6. to spend more time with family
  7. learn how to cook

The last resolution had been a resolution for 2007 but lol, well...things don't always go to plan and for some reason, cooking hasn't really ever appealed to me. I think it's because I'm lazy. I would gladly eat for you but cooking??....(o'.'o) Hahaha!! During September til October, I had been the one in charge of cooking as my mum and dad had gone to Shanghai for their 20th anniversary. My gosh, my middle sister complained and complained about how I sucked at cooking. The first time I had forgotten to put salt in one of the dishes, I burnt something in the oven - I think it was beef? And oh, that's right, there was the time when I burnt rice too - in a rice cooker. No I'm not exaggerating - I just happened to have added too little water... lol. So, in the end, even though my sister had her exams, she cooked and I just waited for the food to come out. Til this day, my sister won't let me forget about my awful cooking skills and my mum continuously nags me about learning how to cook and how I won't be able to cook for my future husband and what will I do and etc etc etc. The nagging goes on. lol.Oh dear me.

But I have finally learnt how to cook...(o'.'o) Well, for starters, I've just learnt how to make mango cheesecake and mango pudding all thanks to my friend Florence who came to my place on Thursday. She knows how much I adore mangoes (and who doesn't? =p) and since it's mango season - well...MMMM!!! =D I'll start with desserts before I go to the main course?

Here's a simple reciple for Mango Pudding and trust me, it only takes 10 minutes at the most!!



  1. Add 2 packets of jely powder and 500mL of hot water into a bowl. Stir.
  2. Add 250mL of cold water into the bowl and then stir again.
  3. Add 1 can of evaporated milk into the bowl. Stir the mixture
  4. Scrape 2-3 mangoes into the bowl
  5. Stir the mixture until even
  6. Add 1 teaspoon of gelatine into the bowl
  7. Stir mixture until smooth

  8. Pour mixture into small bowls/cups
  9. Place in fridge until it sets

And ta-da!! Mango Pudding!! That's all it takes.
I think part of the reason why I don't like cooking/baking very much is the mess it creates and the cleaning up afterwards. Urk. But one thing that I love about cooking is the smell of food, the anticipation and on a frivolous note: aprons. Love cute little aprons and I think I ought to go buy some aprons that will motivate me to cook. xD And guess what, I found an awesome site: Jessie Steele, that has these great and gorgeous aprons that will put you into cooking/baking mode!

Bib Ava Pink Paris Apron:
And look! Matching pot mitts!! Reminds me of strawberries.
Bib Ava 50s Kitchen Apron:
Bib Josephine Traditional Snowflake Apron which looks just like a dress.
Half Ava Table Rose Apron:
Bib Chef's Onyx Apron:

Children's Bib Ava Hearts Apron:
Half Ava Retro Cherries Apron:

Bib Ava Peony Stripe Apron:

So...anyone up for cooking? =D

And with 8 more minutes until NYE, I want to wish everyone a:



Lots of love, Cotton Candy.

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All I want for Christmas
6:46 PM
Sunday, December 23, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Have yourself a Merry little Christmas" {eng}
Toni Braxton

My gosh, have I been busy preparing for Christmas since November and my gosh, am I very, very broke. lol! Nevermind, it's the time of giving. ^^ I've been so busy that I haven't been able to take many photos which is a shame because this festive season should be captured as much as possible. lol. Today was one of those last-minute rushes to the shopping centre where I took my 8 year old sister to see Santa Claus, visit his magic cave (I swear by David Jones, Level 5 - perfect for little children and ME!!), have her face painted by the elves and of course, the rushing to and fro of wondering which present is suitable for which person and then buying it. Hahahah!! But oh, I love shopping and I love seeing all the christmas decorations adorning every nook and corner. The christmas spirit is so lovely and wonderful. What would be even more wonderful is if I could experience a White Christmas. Oh, if only it would snow in Sydney, Australia. That would be one of my Christmas wishes come true - do you hear me Santa?? (o'.'o). I can just imagine myself draped in a huge, warm and woolly scarf and wind breaker, boots and beanies as I trudge along the snow trying to keep myself warm. Oh - how delightful it would be. Mmmm...a white Christmas...
But I don't think that wish is going to be coming anytime soon. So instead, I'm going to bop to cheerful christmas songs that makes me happy, happy, happy! ^^ And I'm going to write a letter to Santa...

* * *

To the northpole:

Dear Santa,
Do you read emails and blogs? Oh I do hope so. I've been a very good girl this year, I truly have. ^^ All I want for Christmas this year are shoes...and oh, a few dresses... Do you think you can make my christmas wishes come true? (o'.'o)

L-R: Carmen Ho Letitia Open Toe Satin Pumps, Marc by Marc Jacobs Patent Pumps, Jill Stuart Claire Pumps and Loeffler Randall Isadora Suede Platform Pumps.

Pollini Studio Pollini Suede Peep Toe Pumps, Joie Veronica Vintage Leather Mary Jane Pumps, Jean-Michel Cazabat Vita Cutout Pumps and Loeffler Randall Coy Seude Twist Pumps:

and a pair of Tory Burch Nappa Leather Reva Ballet Flats, Maloles Zoe Metallic Bow Ballet Flats, Dolce Vita Cobble Buckle Ballet Flats and Dolce Vita Elle Patent Sling Back Flats.
Diane von Furstenberg Pilar Dress, L.A.M.B Dolly Dress:

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture Sleeveless Pocket Dress plus a Sass & Bide Always Faith in Love Butterfly Dress:

Hmm..more shoes please, oh please?? Loeffler Randall Peaches Patent Tap Shoe Flats, Joie Katey Patent Woven Flats, Charlotte Ronson Grieta Ballet Flats and Ash Isa Suede Ballet Flats:

And just in case you make my white Christmas come true, may I also have a pair of Frye White Veronica Slouch Boots, um...a pair of Coclico West Wedge Boots, Erotokritos Morfou Suede CapToe Boots and Dolce Vita York Cuff Ankle Booties ^.~ :

and last of all, another Christmas wish I hope you - Santa - can make come true is for everyone to HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lots of love, Sabrina.

P.S: My youngest sister insists on you having hot chocolate and a packet of lemon biscuits in the finest cutlery - the plastic tea set that you gave her last year for Christmas. She says that she hopes you can make her christmas wish/s come true too and insisted on me writing it down in this letter in case you accidentally forgot about her.

P.P.S: She says she will sleep by the fireplace to wait for you at night.

P.P.P.S: Merry Christmas!!




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the joy of the paper cut
5:07 PM
Thursday, December 20, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Summer Time Love" {jpop}

The results for the HSC (High School Certificate) had came in yesterday for all the year 12 students. I completely forgot about it whilst I was deeply absorbed/concerned with my own wishes, woos and woes this year- ah yes, I had been completely ignorant of the world around me. =p Is it too late to say good luck to all those year 12 students out there in Australia? No, I don't think so. I cannot believe that it has been exactly one year since the HSC for me. What a scary and terrifying experience it was - with all the pressure from parents, teachers, friends and other family members. Every student believes that the HSC determines their future forever and I still think it does to a certain extent. And I know that the year 12 students (or should I say ex-year 12 students?) are all cheering for joy that finally and officially the HSC is over and now all they wish to receive is a form of acceptance from one university or another - waiting for the news on which course they had made it into and then decide whether they want to go onto uni straight away or perhaps, have a year off to experience other wonderful things. For those who didn't do quite as well as they expected, trust me, it's not the end of the world. There are many other methods to get into the course that you want and you'll just never know what wonders are waiting for you.

Looking back on it, I remember feeling so lost as I finally realised that I had step into an unknown world but most scariest part of it was that I figured out that I had to be mostly independent... But that's part of the process of growing up right?? ^-^ lol. Oh , wouldn't I love to be in Neverland right now - just for a little awhile. Hahaha!! =p

But best wishes to the students who will be starting a new chapter in their life and good luck to those who will be doing their HSC next year! Study hard (but make sure to relax every now and then otherwise you'll just go mental).

Speaking about studying, it may sound strange but one thing that keeps me sane and encourages me to study/work is stationery. Pretty, lovely stationery with different designs, patterns and feel. lol - I'm a visual person and I love feeling motivated to study/work when I see a pretty cover on one of my note books, organiser, and etc, etc, etc. lol - sounds superficial ayes? =p And of course, stationery keeps me organised - in a And one brand of stationery that I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO GET MY HANDS ON is D-BROS. And oh! Since it's Christmas, *hint hint* lol!! ^.~

D-BROS is a Japanese company that focuses on innovative graphic design for a wide range of items such as interior decorations and of course, stationery. D-BROS's products are whimsical, visually playful and just gorgeous.

I've always loved writing letters and receiving letters. People ask me why don't I just use email - afterall, it's quicker and easier and did I mention free? lol. But I'm an old romantic and I love using different designs, seeing someone's handwriting on a piece of paper, anticipating a letter in the postbox, reading it wherever you can and whenever you want after receiving it - it's just different, don't you think? And so, I want these "Hotel Butterfly" writing pads in my letter set collection. ^-^

Meanwhile, everybody needs a 2008 Organiser and what's a better organiser than the one adorned with colourful ribbons below?

Or perhaps a 2008 Calendar will suit your home perfectly?

And omgosh, check out these "see-through" envelopes. Wouldn't I love to receive a christmas card/letter in one of these envelopes :

When you pull out the envelop out, check out what the picture on the left hand bottom corner turns into??!!

I thought I would keep to all things stationery in this post until I discovered this particular product. It's amazing. Tell me, what's better than a fragile vase that consumes a lot of storage space? A plastic vase that can be flattened when you don't want to use it and that comes in all different designs. As you can see, all you have to do is just place water inside and then add a few flowers inside. For me, I need to be situated in a great working environment to feel motivated and this object would definitely add a bit of fragrance to the air.

Okay, so a shoe/coat hanger isn't exactly a form of stationery but you would hit me if I didn't post this in my blog. It's so lovely and sweet and pink polk-a-dots are just addictive.

Those who have read my blog from beginning to end would have realised by now that I absolutely adore food and so, how can I resist these? These greeting cards that look like biscuits. Aaagh!! If someone had sent this to me in the envelope, I would of just quickly eaten the card without realising it that it was a fake biscuit - that is until I tasted the woody-ness... Aren't they so scrumptious for your eyes?

And while we're on the subject of eating - 'From your mind' notebooks would make me go insane because I know I would continously think that a real fork is attached to the side of the notebook and I would repeatedly try to grab the fork and plunge it into the piece of cake on the cover of the notebook. Whoever thought of this idea is so damn cool. The print on the side of the cover does look like real 3D fork, ayes?

There are always so many readings to do that I never ever seem to finish. Bookmarks are a necessity and although I'm not too fond of butterflies, I don't mind one that's made out of cardboard. kekeke. ^.~

And now, I'm going to take a nap. Please do not disturb. =p kekeke. Of course you can leave a message though - I would love that. =D

Hugs and kisses, Cotton Candy.

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singing in the rain
7:31 PM
Sunday, December 16, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Sexyback (remix)" {eng}
Justin Timberlake ft. Missy Elliot

Oh, the hatred of cough and sniffles and anything to do with being sick. Perhaps it was the constant changing of weather, the lack of sensibility to wear a jacket, the laziness, the high fevers and/or the kidney infection but the last few days had been spent fatigued in bed. lol. It seems that at the moment I'm attracting a lot of viruses (and may I mention mosquitoes?? Urgh). But lol, nevermind, sleep makes great medicine for yes(!!) - I feel better again!! No more muggy-ness. And gosh, it's just so very nice to feel awake and refreshed regardless of the humid and stifling weather that I woke up to this morning. And so, I was even more happy and excited to hear thunder booming overhead in the midst of the dark, looming clouds this afternoon. There is something so wonderful about standing still under a grey sky and just letting the breeze touch you lightly, wrap around you and gently bring the scent of rain with it. And what makes the weather even more fun is the simple task of trying to sweep and rake leaves in the garden before the skies open wide.

"The best six doctors anywhere
And no one can deny it
Are sunshine, water, rest and air
Exercise and diet.
These six will gladly you attend
If only you are willing
Your mind they'll ease
Your will they'll mend
And charge you not a shilling. "

Wayne Fields

And that's all for now - just a simple and short post for today. ^^

Take care my dearests!

Hugs and kisses, Cotton Candy.

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i want to be him
12:20 AM
Tuesday, December 11, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"His eye is on the sparrow" {eng}
Lauren Hill & Yolanda Adams


Oh! If only I had Patrick! No, not for any sort of intimate fantasies or sexual pleasure. lol! No. But for idoling and if I had him, I would definitely have him teach me all about photography, for me to become his disciple and for him to become my master. =D

If you've watched 'The Devil wears Prada' - you're probably familiar with those two lines of dialogue - where Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) tells Andy (Anne Hathaway), "Get me Demarchelier!" leaving her utterly confused, and the first assistant Emily replying, "I have Patrick!" And if you love photography (like me ^-^), you'll most likely know Patrick Demarchelier, a world-renowned fashion photographer who has worked for the likes of Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Mademoiselle, Rolling Stone and GQ. Oh, forget about having him - instead I want to be him!! ^.~ And you'll see why - he shoots amazing photos, especially black and white photographs which I absolutely love. I recommend checking out his gallery at his website. ^^ You all know that I love photography and I figured out that it was time to make a post on an inspiring photographer, one of the many whom I admire so much. And so, this post on photography/photographers shall be the first of the many to come. ^^...And I think to myself, I wouldn't mind becoming an art stylist/art director too...^^
Well, there are tens and hundreds of Demarchelier's photos that I want to post but if I do, I'm sure I'll lag your internet and that would be horrid, wouldn't it? lol. So I'll just give you a small insight into his portfolio, selecting a few of my favourites. =]

This photograph featuring model: Natalia Vodianova was shot for Vanity Fair (01/05). I remember browsing randomly through Demarchelier's website and I came across this photograph. It was to be the second black and white photograph that I would adore forever. I don't know my photography techniques (but one day I will learn! ^^) however what I do know is that he has captured something so delicate, fragile, beautiful and whimsical all at once. The smooth, flowy material (chiffon? silk?) against the ancient, crumbling balcony makes it even so much more beautiful.

Another black and white photo. Gosh, if only I had learnt ballet when my mum had told me to at the age of 6 and perhaps, I would be able to place my feet into that position above (I know there's a name to this stance...).

Who doesn't love Gemma Ward? I love her so and doesn't she look angelic here? So innocent as well. I guess that's why the shoot was titled La citee des anges (also featuring Du Juan). And we all love refridgerators because it stores wonderful food inside. lol! ^.~ This was shot for French Vogue 10/05.

Naomi Campbell - one of the most talked about supermodels - infamous and yet, famous simultaneously. Nevermind about that. She looks gorgeous in such a simple and plain outfit: black turtleneck and white pants. And in her arms, a lovely boy. This photo makes me feel so warm and tender inside.

Shot for American Vogue 12/04 and titled Paradise. love, love, love , LOVE!! Wouldn't I love to have her body, wear that blue dress, stand on white soft sand and have the sparkling water sweep me off my feet. Yes, that would be a touch of paradise. Ahhhh, definitely. =D
Du Juan - one of the famous chinese models. She's gorgeous and I love her so! (Although I don't recommend smoking. )

I love these two black and white photos (above and below). The above photo was the first black and white photo in Demarchelier's portfolio that I fell in love with. The rigidity, the stances, the compactness (is there such a word?) and just everything - this photo hit me. You know you love a photo when it just hits you and captures your eyes and heart. It just hits you.

And below, featuring Du Juan once again in a shoot titled La citee des anges for French Vogue 10/05 (also featuring Gemma Ward). How gorgeous is she and that dress.!! My third most favourite black and white photo. At first I thought of her running away but then I looked closely and I thought she hears that her lover has returned home after a long time, perhaps due to war or business. She runs out of her room and down the corridors of the large house as seen below in the photo, running to meet her lover who is waiting at the door. And the man waiting at the door, with a suitcase at his feet just smiles tenderly. Aaah!! I'm too mushy!! =p

Okay, so I said a few photos. . .
I lied. =p

Hugs and kisses, Cotton Candy

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