black & white
7:47 PM
Sunday, November 25, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"바보(fool) " {kpop}
Big Bang

I have a fascination with black and white and in-between as you probably can tell by my recent outfits where I always seem to be wearing my black skinnies or something black and white here and there. They're shades that seems to go with everything and looks good on anything. ^^ So I was very happy when I saw these new photoshoots featuring Yoon Eun Hye, a korean singer and actress. She's my idol and this photoshoot was just so raw and powerful for me. I'm not sure what the photoshoot is for - I'm pretty sure it was for Korea's Vogue. Regardless, the photos captured me, especially the hair. It's so wicked-witch-like for me and gosh, I just love clothes in shades of black and white! =D

This is one of the favourite photos out of this collection of photoshoots. I want those curves - actually, no, I want her body. lol.

How gorgeous is that white tutu?

The perfect LBD

Lovely. and very rock-chic at the same time.

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prelude to the holiday
10:10 PM
Wednesday, November 21, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Like you'll never see me again" {eng}
Alicia Keys

Mmmm, I smell mushrooms. lol!! But that's not what I'm going to rant on about in this post perhaps later. xD LOL.

A few nights ago, to celebrate the end of first year of uni, I caught up with four of my bestest (if there is such a word =p) friends from high school whom I miss so much and love dearly: Corrina, Serena, Danmei and Jenifer over a night-out at the city. And oh, such fun to eat and chat about new times as well as old times, reminscing whilst catching up on all sorts of info especially since I'm the only one that goes to USYD whilst the rest go to UNSW! Food brings people together. ^.~ We decided to eat out at Wagamama, a japanese restaurant that we heard was not worth it and the food not too great. lol! So why did we choose such a place? Ahhh- to try out new stuff for you never know and indeed, we never knew until that night. It was actually pretty okay, the food and all, however it quite expensive though. We ordered green tea (because it was freeeee!! lol!!) but we never got it and we ended up with water only - how disappointing. ><" But the atmosphere was nice and I think that that is one of the most important factors for a restaurant, don't you think? seems that whenever I talk about food, my tummy rumbles. lol!! ^.~ And how can you not when you've got food staring at you?? lol!! Oh dearest me. No wonder why my youngest sister says I'm ballooning into a huge buffalo pie. . . =.="

After gobbling down our dinners, what's a better way then to eat dessert and so off we treaded into the night as I insisted on ice cream at Darling Harbour. And it was a good thing that we decided to, lol, because it made us walk our full bellies off although Danmei wasn't too pleased. lol!! I said it was good for her and the scenary at the harbour is oh-so-beautiful at night. How can one resist? lol. So we treked for quite a distance and in the end, Danmei finally got her revenge back at me by not staying with me to watch the fireworks. *cries* But about that later. Oh dear, it seems as if a storm is about to brew tonight at my place. I hear thunder and oh, I just saw lightning. I get so afraid that my comp will suddenly flicker and then crash when there are storms but I love the feeling of staying all cosy and warm inside whilst the rain pitter-patters outside. Don't you love that feeling. And then I always wish for a blackout as an excuse to do everything in candlelight and just ooze away on the couch, daydreaming about silly little fantasies. HAHAHAHA!! Oh gosh, I've gone off topic again. Forgive me. ^-^

The ice cream parlour that I wanted to go to was on the other side of the harbour and noone wanted to trek across the harbour with me. ><" What friends, lol!! I forgive you guys. So we found another one on our side and oh, gelato in raspberry flavour is sooo nice!! And oh, just eating ice cream whilst looking out into the harbour and chatting is such a wonderous, lovely feeling don't you think? I'm so easy to please. lol!! It was lovely indeed. I remember Serena becoming thirsty afterwards and she figured out we should just go to a bar nearby and order water. lol!! Do you think it would be strange if we sat at a table at a bar and just ordered water and then left? Perhaps I should try it one day if I have enough nerve and then I'll tell you all about it. So we ended up going to Maccas to order water for it's free. ^-^ You should have heard us that night. We wanted everything to be free and we had used that word so much that night. You must think we're "tight-asses" but I've got an excuse, we're poor uni students. lol! ^.~ kekeke.

We heard that there was to be fireworks but we decided not to stay and to go home. ><" But I'm an optimistic person and there's always next time!! ^^ Right? And next time, I'll make sure we stay for it. kekeke. =p

But for now, I think I will go off and try to finish reading 'The Old Curiosity Shop' by Charles Dickens whilst listening to the pitter-patter of the rain. And perhaps, some music and a glass of milk. Care to join me? ^-^

Hugs & kisses, Cotton Candy.

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Catch me please
11:51 PM
Saturday, November 17, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Forever" {kpop}
Junjin ft. Linda

Yesterday afternoon, all I could smell were fish, lobsters, crabs, prawns, squids, fish and more fish. ^^ lol!! To start off my three and a half month worth of holidays (EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!! aka FIRST YEAR OF UNI IS OVER!!! =D), I took my grandparents to the famous Fish Market !! I've never been there before and my mum had heard that there was a new yum cha restaurant there so, being a filial daughter and grand-daughter, off we went with my grandpapa and grandmama to see the fishes! Or should I say to eat the fishes? =p Mmmm....I love seafood. Yes I do!! Do you??

And ah yes, when I got there, I was wondering what on earth was I wearing because the mention of "fish markets" should have told me not to dress like what I did?? lol. And definitely not in heels either. HAHAHAHA!! But I wanted to celebrate the holidays so much and lol! oh dear. But it was good for yum cha!! hahahaha!! xD And oh I do miss layering. When the word Summer is metioned, most people think of the beach, the sunshine and summer dresses but at this moment, all I can think about are flies, sweat, no layering and sunscreen and oh - the need to exercise. hahahah!! xD Optimistic me. I do envy those who are experiencing Winter and those who will be making snow angels soon!! =p But I'm getting off topic so let's head off...

And head off to misleading, wrong directions we did. I think one of my christmas wishes this year will be to have a GPS. Unfortunately I've always been hopeless at geography and thus, my hopelessness in reading maps. Headache, headache, headache. I get such a terrible headache whenever I try to read in the car. ><" Do you guys get headaches whilst reading in the car?? Urgh...The headache had been no help and thus, the crossing of the Anzac Bridge three times and a stop at a petrol station to ask for directions before we finally made it to the Fish Markets!! =p

And first stop was yum cha to cease our rumbling stomachs. Speaking about rumbling tummies, make sure you are full right before an exam. Omgosh, my friends and I had been snacking nonstop right before our last exam and yet, during the exam all I could concentrate on was food because my tummy was rumbling so loudly! It was awful. I figured out that noone could hear it but Faaiza who had sat a seat away told me that she got distracted by my rumbling tummy!! =.=" *rumble rumble* At this moment, my tummy is rumbling too. I'm craving for pumpkin soup. MMMMM... Perhaps I'll start to learn how to cook during this three month holiday. ^^But alas, I didn't eat to my heart's content that day because the restaurant was serving so little food and not only that, it didn't taste as quite delicious as I thought it would be. ><" *cries* You know how much I love food!! But there was the "tofu-fa" (aka tofu sweet soup) which is a chinese desert that is really really good for your skin!! It's smooth tofu in a sugary syrup and mmmm!! YUM YUM YUM!! How often is it that you can eat something that's delicious and yet it's good for your skin?? MMM!! If you haven't tried it before , you must you must!! It's lovely.

And lol, finally the fish markets which was downstairs. And boy, was there a crowd of people all wanting fish!! The fish markets were not what I imagined to be. Mum had told me that it was an open space of a fishes and all other types of seafood, next to the sea - I guess a typical fish market. But alas, when we got there, we discovered that everything had changed. It was like a plaza with a huge fish store inside. Boo...><" Perhaps it is best to go early in the morning with the rush and frenzy of trying to get extra-fresh fish but it was just like going into a shopping centre and asking for fish from a fish store. lol!! Yes, I was very disappointed. In the end, I just stood and waited outside whilst caring for my three-year cousin who is sooo talkative and wonderfully cute!! *squeals* lol. And I'm afraid I didn't take much photos because I figured out dead seafood is that all appealing...and it was just plain weird to squish between the customers so that I could take a photo. lol!!

And oh, today we ate this huge fish steamed with ginger that we had bought yesterday from the market and ahh!! oh the love of fresh fish!! And fish are full of omega-3 too!! ^^ I love fish so so much and I've just reread what I written and I feel horrible to the vegetarians. Please forgive me because I am a huge meat lover. . . especially when it comes to seafood. Please don't hate me. =] Regardless, the fish from the Fish Markets are soooo expensive and the parking is totally not worth it. It's $2.00 for the first half an hour and then after that, its $5.00 for every half an hour. OMGOSH!! We didn't realise this, we thought it was $2.00 for every hour and urgh...$10.00 parking fee is so not worth it. ><" lol!! *whinge whinge whinge* ^.~

Ah wells, nothing can be done now and tonight's dinner made up for it for my tummy is full and contented. Gosh I really have to find something to this holiday otherwise I'm just going to end up lazing in front of the comp/tv and eat and eat and nobody would like that, especially not in summer. Ahhh....=.=" The thought of exercise is sending shivers and dread into my body. lol. Lazy Sabrina here. ^^ And ahh...I'm aleady filling restless.

And so with that -

Whilst I have my holiday and can laze relax away, what are you guys upto? Are you on holidays now or about to? If so, enjoy each and every day, even if you're not on holidays! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!! ^^


and oh, speaking about holidays - I have a problem that I hope you guys may be able to give me advice on. I recently got a job at a store (A) that is about to open this christmas and I'm meant to have training for it. I remember that the co-ordinator told me to ring up the partner store (B) of the company to make an appointment for training but unfortunately i've forgotten the name of the person that I'm meant to ask for. ><" eek. Nevertheless, I called up and talked to the manager of the store (B) who told me that they don't training there for this new store (A) and that I'm meant to wait for the store's (A) call. So i've waited three weeks already and I have this feeling that I am right in making appointment for training at that store (B). I'm sorry if this sounds confusing but I do hope that you guys could give me some advice. What do you think I should do?

Hugs and kisses, Cotton Candy.

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cracker your wardrobe
1:21 PM
Saturday, November 10, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Perfect pictures" {eng}
Chris Brown ft. Will.I.Am

Ah yes, since I have been cooped up at home in addition to me not wearing anything but tracksuits, jerseys and pyjamas in my messy, ragged state - I have not had the chance to take any photos and hence, no (personal) photos to show at the moment. Please blame it on the exams that are looming up this week. Urgh - more exams! But it will all be over soon by the end of this week and then I will be able to shed my hermit skin!! ^^ So for now, it would be better if I showed you what others have been wearing yes? Whilst trying to study studying (self-denial...0'.'0), I came upon this site: cracker your wardrobe and in my messy state, I have been inspired here and there.

I do like the look of having jeans crutch below the actual thing itself on men but isn't this just way to low, it's right next to the knees practically!!??

Those tights reminds me of candy canes. . . and merry-go-rounds and pole sticks. (o'.'o)??

Look at that little banana hood on the little girl's head. Isn't she sweet?? ^^ Kawaii!!

This is like me on a cold winter's night except for the fact that I would be at home sniffling and a pile of tissues beside me and for the fact that I would never be caught wearing this out in public...=.="

Love the bag and the red cardi and the shoes as well. Gosh, this grandpapa is a way...

Urgh...This just looks plain wrong on him! The outfiit would look so much more better or probably more suitable for a female...

This can definetely get away with a sweater dress don't you think and he looks so good in black as well. Very artistic guy I think. ^^

Um... eek!! Yuck yuck yuck!!

"I'm so gangsta!!" She's soooo cute don't you think!!?? Love those red flats against the white tights.

I would love to wear this outfit and I think I will...hahahah!! =D It's very cool!

Forget the outfit. Just look at the sunglasses. I want. TOP from Big Bang (a korean boy band) has a similar pair and I've been admiring it for ages!!

I've never thought too greatly about runners teamed up with tights/leggings. I've seen a lot of people wear the combo but I personally could never do such a combo. What do you think about runners teamed with tights/leggings? Do you like it?

Isn't this such a classic? It's so lovely, feminine, flirty and sophisticated yet funky at the same time. Love the bag as well. ^^

Wow. This is usually an outfit that I would expect to see . . . during the 80s? Or on someone with a military statuss back in the 80s like something in 'The Sound of Music.'

Another adorable little girl!! And don't you just love her outfit?

I admire these people for having the confidence and flair to wear what they love (especially when I think it looks totally ridiculous) and what they identify as themselves, without conforming to ...whatever?? lol!! (As you probably know, I'm not quite sure what the world has been doing as I've been living in a world of my own. Hahahah!! =P I'm not quite sure what I'm saying. Nothing seems to be making sense this days and I think when I read this post again in my right state of mind, I will wonder what I was trying to say or what I was thinking?) But lol, =p anyway, yes, I would love to give credits to 'cracker your wardrobe' which is a korean site (in english)/free-of-charge magazine dedicated to taking photos of street fashion around the world. Very cool!! =D

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