3:53 PM
Friday, September 28, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"对望" - isologue {cpop}
Jimmy Lin

To walk around the city at night with the wind in your hair, the lights dazzling brightly around you, the streets glowing whilst simultaneously hidden in foreboding yet alluring shadows ... I'm not very good with my words - how do I capture the essence of wondering around in the city during night time?? It's such a wondrous feeling. ^^ I love the city at night and if I could, I would live in the midst of it and walk around the city every night for the atmosphere never ceases to amaze me!! =D

Yesterday, the trio - Melissa, Bernie and I went out night shopping at the city and oh!! Forget the lack of money to buy anything (although I did end up buying a black felt tip pen and dinner - lol - that's about it =.=") and forget the old drunken man who came stumbling out of a club who swore at everyone that he passed and tried to give me a kiss (*shivers**nightmares forever*) - if you forget all that - the city at night is such a mysterious place. Isn't it strange how everything seems to change at night - for better or for worse?? (o'.'o) Night time is such a peculiar little thing, don't you think??

I think this bus station looks more appealing during daylight...or well, safer I guess. Do you see those two people standing there alone?? Aah...I must have a great imagination - I can imagine a love story developing between these two at nighttime. The girl is heartbroken, crying and shivering at nighttime - that's right - she is the damsel in distress. The guy standing on the right will be the knight in shining armour and hmm.... I'll let you develop the story. lol. ^^ Clearly, I've been watching too many romantic movies lately. . . =p
If you look closely at the photo above, you can see my reflection behind the white spot of light and it looks very ghostly!! WOOOOO!! ...


kekeke...I'm not very scary am I?? ^.~

This bare-naked tree is so eerie!! I can imagine black crows sitting on the branches of this tree with its black, hollow round eyes piercing through each person that walks past. And then suddennly with a big swoop, a crow lands onto a person that it had targeted as its prey... and ... what's left is a tattered, half-eaten corpse... *shivers* urgh.....

My imagination seems to be quite tipsy - wondering from romance to horror... Forgive me. The holidays have been drowning me with movies and books and everything else but assignments and essays which I should be rushing to finish at the moment... ><"

Aahh yes. Indeed, the night is filled with wonders. ^^

cotton candy = l♥ve

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good morning
1:17 PM
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Apologise" {eng}
Timbaland ft. one republic

It's the mid-semester holidays. 11 days worth and the fifth morning has been bliss. Waking up at 10:17am to the sunlight streaming through my window and creating a happy, light glow in my bedroom which I had not experienced since uni had started again 9 weeks ago but now - aah...the joyous, relaxed, contented feeling I had felt this morning - the delightful feeling can not be expressed into words. ^^

To turn on the cd player and hum lightly to Frank Sinatra's voice, to dance and to twirl with my eyes closed - such a floaty, fluttery feeling. To sway into the bathroom whilst the music would twinkle into my ears, I would feel like Cinderella as below:

"A dream is a wish your heart makes,
when you're fast asleep
In dreams you will lose your heartaches,
whatever you wish for you keep.
Have faith in your dreams and someday,
your rainbow will come smiling through.
No matter how your heart is grieving
if you keep on believing,
the dream that you wish will come true"

It is this time in the morning (of course, only during the holidays without the fine frenzy that I usually experience...=p) where I would brush my teeth awfully slowly and shower that takes hours whilst the chaotic world outside would be working and partying. The splash of the cold water would cause me to hit reality and yet, it would provide a refreshing taste to my day like eating an ice cream during a cold, chilly day - the tingle that you get is quite wonderful and quaint.

And it is during one of these times when you would prefer something less-ordinary to eat for breakfast. Not the usual cereal or toast, but something more - exotic?? lol! Something more traditional and warm...DIM SIMS!! yum yum yum!! ^^ mmm...

I could gobble them all down and then pat my satisfied tummy in gusto. And then off to the backyard to do some stretches because this would be the once-in-a-year-kind-of-thing that I would do when I'm feeling motivated and happy and just utterly delighted by the simple things around me!! =D

I've definetly woken up on the right side of the bed!! kekeke. ^.~ And I sincerely hope you guys have too!! Enjoy your day!! ^^

cotton candy = l♥ve

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7 yummies for my tummy
10:46 PM
Thursday, September 20, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
“나의 이름을 불러줘” - Call my name {kpop}
Cloud Cuckoo Land

I've been tagged by Christopher de Beer from The Empire Collective to talk about seven facts about me but the only seven things that I can think about at this moment are: cupcakes, tarts, cakes, my tummy, cakes, sugar and ooh - more cakes... ^^ Perhaps this sudden urge in smacking my tummy and licking my lips in satisfaction (such elegance and sophistication I have!! ^.~) is due to the reason that I am trying to abandon candies and all things sugary to my sweet tooth's dismay (ie. dieting...=.=) in addition to surfing around the internet (Laurent , Lecupcake & Brunetti) drooling over ...

1. hard rock-candy lollipops!!

Oh my! Oh dearest me. *drools* Those lollipops are definetly going to cause me a toothache and many cavities but oh - who cares - you only live once right?? lol. Look at those wonderful swirls - round and round they go. mmm... ^^

2. Classic White Forest

[chocolate sponge, kirsch liqueur, blackcurrant jam, fresh cream and cherries]

ahh...look at those delicate white twirls with the yellow ribbon...the cake looks like one big white rose...for me!! hint hint guys! ^.~ lol. =p

3. Esotica

[ delicate mousse cake with contreau belnded with exotic fruits]

So colourful! So exotic!! So very beautiful! Need i say more??

4. Tarte aux Fruit de la Passion

In other words, Passionfruit tart. Oh my gosh!! How good does that look?? Such a beautiful yellow middle with a crisp and fresh outing...*licks lips*

5. Mini mud-chocolate cupcakes

[Aqua blue frosting with hand-made icing roses]

Where do I find such lovely cupcakes?? Someone, please do tell me. I've made up my mind, I want these for my wedding!! hahahah!! xD Certainly indeed. ^^

6. Lemon Tart.

[ shortbread base, vanilla sponge, kirsch liqueur and lemon custard]

This cannot be a lemon tart. It's so beautiful and cake-like. Look at those chocolate swirls placed upon the tart. How gorgeous and oh - I cannot bear to eat it for it is too precious a lemon tart.

7. Caramel cupcakes

[white icing, boiled candy and candy letters on a caramel base]

Can I have one with an 'S', an 'A', a 'B', a 'R', an 'I', a 'N' and oh, another 'A'?? Pretty pretty please??I'm going crazy. I see sugar angels twirling around my head and oh I do say it is perfectly normal to be crazy when you are on a sugar low and craving for delicious dishes of junk food. =)

I can't. No I can't. I cannot deny myself such wonderful pleasures.

* * *

Meanwhile, I might be denying some people the pleasure of talking about 7 facts about themselves if I do not tag 7 people and yet, they may also not have the pleasure of doing so. So, for those tagged - please feel free to ignore the tag if you do not wish to do this for I know you may have done it before or annoyed at this thing. lol. (^-^) Nevertheless, I shall tag:

  1. [Romeika] A room of one's own
  2. [lml] Modern Marie
  3. [Tru] The perks of being a wallflower
  4. [Jennifer] Mahalofashion
  5. [Allure] Allure
  6. [Blushing apples] Blushing apples
  7. [Aisha] C.B Coloured bleu

cotton candy = l♥ve

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my secret garden
10:38 PM
Monday, September 17, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"Dancing" {eng}

The world is such a lovely place at the moment. I have never really been into nature, not a slightest bit interested but these days or shall I say months - I have come to see the wonders in the subtle natural creations which form a part of my world. Perhaps once being too focused on material things, work and uni (and still am...=p) half a year ago - I never really had the time to take a step back and enjoy the bits and pieces that paint the world in a gorgeous palette of colours.

I was taking a stroll through uni before my first lecture today and my feet decided to take me to "the secret garden" which I had nicknamed when I first wandered into it half a year ago. The secret garden hidden behind four walls from the hectic outside world of uni students is filled with pinks, whites, oranges and purples covered by a canopy of green . And with the weather officially blossoming into Spring-time, the garden seemed to be a heaven of flowers.

The University of Sydney should have more of these goddesses...and now, come to think of it, was it a god or an angel? Or just a statue?? Regardless, these stone creatures create such a serene/romantic atmosphere don't you think?? lol. =D

Oh! Although I'm not a big fan of insects (in fact, quite frightened of them), I am so sure that the bees were buzzing in delight whilst the butterlies were happily fliting and fluttering from blossom to blossom.

I had felt like plucking one of these flowers out and then placing it in my hair but then I had remembered the time when I had worn a flower-patterned dress and it attracted this huge bumble bee and then - well, buzz buzz buzz - the bee had stung my finger probably because he got angry that I was not a real flower... (o'.'o) So imagine the (fatal) attraction of a "real" flower in my hair...eek. ><" lol. =p

And so, this is my secret garden. ^.~ ... (although it's not much of a secret anymore ayes?? kekeke)...
Nevertheless, welcome and enjoy! ^^

cotton candy = l♥ve

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11:09 PM
Friday, September 14, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
"運命線" - destiny line {jpop}
Leah Dizon

There are times when you just want to sit back and relax. Enjoy a sip of hot coffee or in my case, since I don't drink coffee, splendid hot chinese tea or anything warm that will put your mind at ease and make you smile with tenderness. And then there are time when you wish to drink something cold; something freezing that will make you shiver and tingle with joy. It's not the best analogy (lol xD) ... at the moment, I am in need of that something cold that will give me the same feeling - something that will make me shiver with excitement. With assignments and exams over, the post-assessment period should be filled with glory and fascination and yet, here I am living a life that is currently NOT deeming to be riveting. ><" *sighs* lol. At least there was yesterday which was filled with everything but nothingness...

><" And with that, Faaiza + Jenny + Susan + Rahima + I all rushed off to Wendy's place during our three hour break before our last lecture of the day. Frantically Jenny rushed to Wendy's bathroom whilst I stood there (patiently...) outside the bathroom door trying to resist nature's urgent call. Lol. I believe I am being too descriptive here. I apologise. Let me continue on. lol. =P Whilst I was in the bathroom, I heard huge screams and when I came out, I started laughing in shock, embarassment and just in genuine joy. I was met with a chaotic sight: bed full of food, clothing, underwear, makeup, posters, books and just to add a touch to its messiness - a doona hanging unattractively off the bed. Into the background, five worried-looking people were huddled in the corner, staring gloomily at the floor. There laid a crumbled custard tart which had splattered onto the carpet floor with the "Best part" face down upon the floor. Wendy had knelt there looking heartbroken when she had tried to come to terms with her non-existent lunch. lol. And then I had felt this funny little feeling - a feeling of joy that I had finally found a friend who was as messy as me!! lol!! ^.~

So whilst trying to find a patch of spot on her bed or on the floor, we decided to form an old wives club - well not really but we sure acted like one! lol. =D Gossiping, cleaning (to help poor Wendy out - lol), analysing over everything (boys, clothes, lives etc etc etc), eating, oohing and aahing, lounging around, rummaging through Wendy's clothes and jewellery (kekeke...I want her wardrobe!!), laughing like silly old geese (well, I certainly was but then again, I'm told that I laugh at absolutely everything...=D) and etc etc etc. ^^

With that, the three hours flew by and off we went to attend our last lecture which I ashamedly must admit, fell alseep in... (o'.'o) Why must the fun times be so short? And boring times like now be so long??

Oh dearest me, I am restless...

Indeed - you can see that my life has not been very riveting at all... =.=" I sincerely hope that you guys are enjoying yourselves to the max!! ^^ I shouldn't preach what I don't practice (currently) but - *pumps fist* -"Dream as if you will live forever. Live as if you will die today!!" (James Dean) =D

cotton candy = l♥ve

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paper doll
1:19 PM
Monday, September 10, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
Call me irresponsible {eng}
Frank Sinatra

Remember my hectic morning routine (or shall I say rush?) that I posted about: A fine frenzy? Well, this bad habit of mine has gotten worst lately due to my wee-small hours of sleep all thanks to my even worst habit: procrastination turning to last minute essays turning to not enough sleep turning to huge eyebags turning to running down the street to catch my train turning to dag. A DAG because my hair is up in a scruffy ponytail and I am wearing a horrible combination of clothes which I seem to be doing more and more each year (I blame it on my lack of clothes and my growth - horizontally =.="). lol.

And so, instead of deciding what to wear on the day, I figured out why not plan what to wear the night before or the week before by checking the weather of the day So...with me going to uni for only 4 days a week...

[nb: click image to make larger+clearer]

Monday (10.09.07)
Chance late shower
Min: 12C Max: 19C Tuesday (11.09.07)
Chance afternoon shower
Min: 13C Max: 22C
Wednesday (12.09.07)
Min: 13C Max: 21C
Min: 21C Max: 23C
Hahaha!! xD Yeah right...That's not my wardrobe. If only I had the money to buy all those clothes that I just posted up and then wouldn't I be very happy?? ^^ lol. =D Right now, I live in jeans and jumpers and tracks and flats and skinnies. lol. Very creative ain't I?? ^.~


[clothes from eluxury & shopbop]

cotton candy = l♥ve

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i have a date with spring
8:05 PM
Thursday, September 6, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
Beautiful girl reply {eng}

Now, we all know that I adore gazing at the way the Japanese dress - the layering, the cosplay, the unique-ness - just different, just inspirational and unbelieveably quirky. =D Whatever it is, it's daring, it's love and it's something that I know (or feel??) I can only get away with if I was walking down the streets of Japan.

Well, Japan's 5th Fashion Week was underway in Tokyo last week with designers such as Hiroko Koshino, Cabaret Aki & Jackai Kuzu, Ryunosuke Aoyagi, Junko Koshino, Eri Utsugi and so many more strutting their ecletic and amazingly funky '08 Spring/Summer style down the catwalk. . .

Eri Utsugi for Mercibeaucoup.

I read many western reviewers saying this looked horrible and tasteless but I love it because it's very cute don't you think? lol. I have queer taste. ^^ But yes, I do love the top the model is wearing and if I could grab my hands on one , you would find me wearing it to uni everyday! The top screams SABRINA - aka ME!! =D And no wonder it screams me because "Utsugi says mercibeaucoup, is a label likely to appeal to otaku geeks (i.e ME). The designer says this season's style emphasized its nerd (i.e ME) appeal with a collection that derived from anime (i.e ME)." Yep, that's me alright. lol. ^.~

Hiroko Koshino

Hiroko Koshino .

Hiroko Koshino

The above three photos - ain't the creations by Hiroko (espeically the third outfit)so pretty? I love Hiroko Koshino. The outifts reminds me of dukes and duchesses, something oh-so-very grand and sophisticated with a twist of fairy-tale like...Surprisingly I can imagine myself wearing these two outfits out to a dinner party, that is, of course, without the cone-shaped hat and the huge lashes under my eyebags.

Takumi Hatakeyama for T·H·D La maison

Oh my gosh!! This outfit!! Oh! Oh! Oh! So ... gorgeous!! I'm lacking in words to describe this but perhaps it is because I'm bias because I happen to have a very similar shirt to the one shown in the photo above. kekeke. It's inspiration alright. Now I know what else I can wear with my top. ^^

Ryunosuke Aoyagi for YLANG YLANG

Designer Ryunosuke Aoyagi took dress styles from the 1920s and 1930s -- both classic and those modeled on influences from the likes of Schiaparelli and Man Ray -- then tweaked them off balance with a modern feel.

Cabaret Aki & Jackal Kuzu for Gut's Dynamite Cabarets

And of course, we had to have a few male models here and there ...

Cabaret Aki & Jackal Kuzu for Gut's Dynamite Cabarets

... and who dressed up as females...And how hot is that coat?

Ritsuko Kato for Ele Tra

Surprisingly I found this very simple for such a Japanese designer but I still want it anyway. Afterall, simple is best and who can resist this shade of green? I can't. I want it. =D

Naoto Hirooka for h.NAOTO

Naoto Hirooka for h.NAOTO
Hmmm...what do you think??

Mayumi Sasaki for LyricisM

Mayumi sure knows the definition of Spring, ayes?? The illusion of high tea or perhaps an English picnic followed by gypsy dancing amongst the meadow. =]

Toru Kato for Zin Kato

I really like this outfit if it was just the dress alone. I thought that the necklaces were too much and took the attention away from the dress itself. Nevertheless, I love the colour and the design imprinted on the ruffles at the bottom of the dress.

Toru Kato for Zin Kato

Keisuke Nakane for ROCKER AND HOOKER

I just had to post up this outfit. It's composed of black and white photographs if you look carefully and I thought it was so funky and edgy, don't you agree?? =p

Toshikazu Iwaya for DRESS CAMP

She's the true Snow White. =p How gorgeous is this dress??

Noriko Fukushima

Hot! Hot! HOT!!

Noriko Fukushima

Imagine walking in this down the aisle and saying "I do" to your partner. Wouldn't you feel ultra cool and fabolous in this?? Or probably not. But I love the design of the dress. And imagine those ultra long legs - no need for high heels unlike me... *sighs* ><"

Noriko Fukushima

Koichi Chida for FUR

This just screams JAP!! My sister loves the top. The outfit's hot. at this, I think I can wear all of these stunning clothes out onto the streets in Sydney. ^^ And my gosh - haven't I gone overboard in showing so many photos and oh, there are so many more that I would like to show you!! ^^

cotton candy = l♥ve

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