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11:17 PM
Wednesday, September 5, 2007
The jukebox plays my song:
You are the music in me {eng}
Gabriella & Troy (ie. Vanessa Hudgens & Zac Efron)

My gosh! What a sigh of relief. I always wonder why I procrastinate and leave everything to the last minute. I had been flying here and there searching for infomation for assignments at the last minute and my gosh - why do I do this to myself?? ><" Oh dearest me. (I have one due next Monday and I have not started. eek!! ). Having just come back from my sister's opening night at Sydney Girls High School (she was in charge of the sushi store - lol!!), I am quite exhausted. Never mind... ^^ And so when I came back, I had decided to update my blog quickly and what a surprise I had to see that I was given three awards (which happenned to be the same award 'Rockin Girl Blogger.' lol ^^) by Romeika, Amy and Aisha. Oh!! Thank you so much!! Such delightful girls they are and oh, how I wish I could express what I feel. I was squealing, giggling and sighing with such happiness when I first found out and especially since I'm a newbie to this blogspot...How can I express my joy?? I think I'm glowing. ^^ Thank you. *Big warm hugs* And I hope the 5 bloggers whom I shall pass on this award to will feel the same joy.

1. [the perks of being a wallflower] = Tru, such a lovely girl who writes short and simple wonderful posts at whim, giving her love and fashion advice. And the title of her blog is just too adorable!! =D

2. [maholofashion] = Jennifer, lives in Australia so I'm bias. Lol. xD No no, I'm just joking about that. lol. I've been reading her blog since I first began to post online and everytime, I am never disappointed. Her blog is full of wonderful inspirations and she's always upto date on the latest trend, fashion and celebrity gossip - and she just posted Zac Efron on her latest post. kekeke.

3. [holiday in the sun] = Gilda is such a hilarious, funny girl who just moved from Japan to New York and I've only known her existence since last week. lol. She's hyper like me and her posts are funky cool. ^^ Except, she needs to post more! =p

4. [blushing apples] = I know she has already received the award already but how can I resist not giving her this award again?? I am a big fan of this blog because if I did follow one of my many dreams, I would be studying to be an interior designer and this blog posts up the most quirky, irresistible items that I would love to lay my hands on.

5. [the apathist] = Meg is wonderful! She will occasionally post up fashion inspirations from her own wardrobe and it's lovely. At the moment, she's away on Turkey and so, *sobs* no new posts for quite awhile.

Oh it was so hard to choose because there are so many wonderful, stunning and amazing blogs out there that I get inspirations from! ^^Well...kekeke, I'm wondering since I received this award three times, does that mean that I should be handing this award to 15 people?? kekeke, well since there is no rules to this award [I think... (o'.'o)], I decided to hand this award to three more people...I hope that's okay. lol. ^.^

Wait, in case this breaks the tradition of only handing it down to 5 people, I'll just mention these three other bloggers just to add to my post without giving them the award. But if I could list 8, these are the other three...^^

6. [a room of one's own] = Romeika - I do not know how to describe this girl in words. Wonderful. Gorgeous. Stunning. She was my first reader and I'm so glad she was because she's just so lovely. You must check her blog out because the way she writes - *dies* - if only I could express my thoughts and feelings like her. (I know she's already gotten this award already and I was wondering whether I could hand it back to her. =D So I decided to make her #6 because there's an exception to every rule right??)

7. [the cherry magazine] = Nic has a blog that one must also check out! I only discovered her blog a few days ago and I am addicted. Fashion, Music, Health, Beauty, etc etc - you'll find it here.

8. [fashion fleur] = Amy. One word - Awesome. Wait, add two more words to it - fun & love. And oh - she loves avocados like me!!

But really, I think every girl blogger deserves this award!!

p.s: The top 5 blogs selected - keep the tradition going by choosing 5 other bloggers to hand the award to. And trust me, you're going to have a hard time deciding. kekeke. =p



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