s'wonderful, s'marvellous
10:54 PM
Wednesday, April 23, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"Missin' You" {eng}
Trey Songz

It's the case of the "Oh no! I've chipped my nails!" Never have I really understood the horrific nature of this until two weeks ago when my nails seem to be chipping real easy and real bad. Somebody help me! ><" Sounds mighty shallow/vain but good gosh, there are so many reasons to why it's horrific:
  1. it's painful when it chips down all the way to the pink bit of the nail (lol, is there a specific name for it??) (o'.'o)
  2. it looks real bad
  3. you can't brighten up and pretty your nails with nailpolish
  4. when you're trying to wash your hair, your chipped nail gets in the way and everything just tangles up
  5. you scratch yourself when you're asleep and when you're awake, you find yourself with one or two red marks across your face
lol. =D So as a desperate plea for help - any suggestions on effective hand & nail cream?

Anyhoo, to celebrate that I've finally finished my ed.psych essay (and I hope I never get the essay back) - I've been sitting here dreaming about dancing in long, pretty chiffon and silk dresses with my beautiful melodic prince: Fred Astaire; springing lightly across the meadow, in a delightful world of own... that is, after (politely) pushing Audrey Hepburn out of my way... xD Heh heh heh...

For those who haven't watched Funny Face, it's basically a story about bookstore clerk, Hepburn, becoming a muse for fashion photographer, Astaire. And of course, if it's set in Paris, there must be love... ^-^

He loves and she loves... and I love...

Bonjour Paris! Bonjour Paris!
This is one of the most classic and famous photographs of Audrey taken. And whoever thought of the concept (an answer which I'll be searching for) and brilliantly took the photograph, I give all my respects to him/her.

And speaking about Paris, I've been reading WendyB's posts about her recent trip to France and good gosh, I want to be her Fernando von Bankonstein!!

[^] Give me an emerald-coloured coat just like this one so I may parade it up and down the streets making the other girls green with envy. ^^

[^] I just love the timeless elegant look.

Oh! I just had to include a photo of the handsome Mr.Astaire. And the camera. I've been longing for one just like that . I wonder where I can find one? Do you know? If so, please tell me. =D I know they cost a fortune but I would say it would be a great investment, no?

Oh, if you've seen the movie or if you can look closely at thie pohto, Audrey's hair looks absolutely wonderful in here, especially to a girl (aka me) whose hair is tangled, brittle and just looking totally wrong 24/7. ><"

And it's a bit too early for me to think about my own wedding but if I was to wed my mister perfect, I would do so in this dress. It's gorgeous. How do you say beautiful in French?

And Audrey darling, tell me how to achieve a waist as tiny as yours. My waist is the size of a tree trunk - thick and straight with absolutely no curves.

S'wonderful, S' marvellous.

MMM...Someone please give me more nights like this where I can just lounge in my pj's and watch classic movies, without feeling guilty about procrastinating.

Lots of love, Cotton Candy.

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red is baaaaadddd!!
9:26 PM
Friday, April 11, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"Voyage" {kpop}

Never am I again to wear red this year. No, it's not the case of I hate the colour red. On the contrary, I love red and oh so wish to wear the strong, fierce and uber-sexy shades of red. But no, not red this year. Why? Well...it all started on Wednesday night when I wore a cropped woolly (and ultra cute ^^) jacket. The very next morning, I lost my mobile phone on the train. Humph. Big humph and oh, I was so attached to that mobile!!! ><" But wait, so what does wearing a red jacket have to do with losing a mobile phone? Well, early this year, Dad warned me not to wear anything red this year because being born in 1988, under the dragon zodiac, the colour red is to bring me bad luck... You know, some superstition thingy to do with chinese astrology/beliefs? And bam, bam, bam! It's true! I had been concious and wary enough not to wear any red at all until Wednesday. Nothing bad really happenned (*touches wood*) until I wore red... Aye yi yi. ><" I've been done for by wearing red. *cries!* Call me paranoid, call me superstitious - I don't deny it. lol!! I sound like a terrible drama queen ayes? =P

And so... until next year...

I will miss you Red.

Lots of love, Cotton Candy.

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blue sparkles
5:32 PM
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"별 (Star)" {kpop}

I wish I could dip my feet into the cold tingling water and feel the sand squelch beneath my feet as the tide rushes in and out. I want to feel the ocean spray against my face, the brush of the gentle breeze running across my hair, the warm rays of the sun basking upon my smile of delight...oh, if only the beach wasn't so faraway. If only I could run out the front door, down the cobbled steps and onto the soft golden sand that would connect my soul to the breathtaking blue sparkles...


7:37 PM
Saturday, April 5, 2008
The jukebox plays my song:
"What's Love Like?" {eng}

It's quite awful trying to gather your thoughts and (lack-of) motivation to write a critical analysis. My critical thinking is a bit very rusty and I just hate it so, knowing that my tutorial leader who will be marking it hates me so. Yes, I bitched about her behind her back and to my stupidity, she was right behind me. She gave me a cold stare and walked off. Ouch. ><" Curses my-forgetting-to-look-around-first. So now, I guess I shall have to suck up to her. I sound awful don't I?... And the worst thing is that I've got a very, very bad case of the cold with my nose red and running and my level of frustration seems to be abnormally high - perhaps, it's the time of the month? Urgh... ><" I need to paint my fingernails with a lovely, bright and shimmery colour. What colour do you suggest? I think it will make me happy to see my brightly coloured fingers tapping away on the keyboard as I rush to get my two essays, one presentation and one critical analysis finished before it's due at the end of this week. Oh dear, another ouch. Hahahaha!! xD

Oh dear...

And so at the moment, what's making me happy is seeing my bright-blue band aid across the palm of my hand after having been bitten by a prawn last night at work. Love bright-blue bandaids. They're just awesome, don' t you think? ^^ And speaking about love, I'm in love with love and sweet kisses. Don't we all? Yesterday, I was searching around for a children's book in Dymocks when I stumbled upon this very sweet and yummy pink book titled I LOVE KISSING YOU by Davide Cali and Serge Bloch. Such heartfelt and warm words, cute, giddy and oh so romantic... ^^ My heart melts upon those words in the book. It's $30 at Dymocks and I think I will grab a copy of it when I pass the store on the way to uni. What would be better of course is for my future guy to say those words to me, better yet - for him to kiss me. ^^ *blushes*

To give you just a little peck peek... ^.~

Don't you love sweet kisses too?
I do. ^-^

Lots of love, Cotton Candy .

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